An A-to-Z Pocket Guide to Living and Working in Saudi Arabia

Twenty-Six Things to Know about Living and Working in Saudi Arabia

by Valerie David

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 12/09/2013

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 80
ISBN : 9781452580357

About the Book

I have spent more than six years and three tours of my health care career living and working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is a country that is modern and on the move but yet it is still very deeply involved in customs and traditions. Upon my first tour to the country I arrived in the country without an Abaya (the traditional female covering) and I was very afraid and uncomfortable as everyone stared at me. When I went to the hospital and was introduced to my Saudi boss, the first thing that I did was reach out to shake his hand, something that is a custom in the United States, but he would decline. These were two of the very first things that I would learn about Saudi culture but indeed there would be many more customs and traditions that I would have to get use to. Saudi Arabia is a very interesting country to live and work in as you will learn something every day. This book is a simple and informative guide to assist those who are interested to live and work in Saudi Arabia. Learn about the culture and traditions and what life is like for the expatriate that works in the Kingdom. Join me on an awesome journey and be intrigued.

About the Author

Valerie does it again in her second book An A to Z Guide to Living and Working in Saudi Arabia. She gives a simple and educational approach to those who want to work in the Kingdom an inside look at the culture, work, and way of life. The author of An A to Z Guide to Personal Transformation, Valerie has spent a decade of her career working in the Middle East. She has worked at several health care systems in the Kingdom and knows firsthand what it is like to navigate around the country and what it takes to survive in a culture that is much different than any culture in the world. This easy to read pocket guide will assist you in what you need to know before you sign the contract. Valerie lives in North Carolina with her daughter Brittany.