Why Am I So Angry?

My Search for the Truth

by Helen Gerondis

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Language : English
Publication Date : 22/08/2013

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 218
ISBN : 9781452511078

About the Book

This book is about my search for the truth about what caused or contributed to my life- long weight problem. In spite of my consulting doctors, nutritionists, psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, joining Weight Loss organizations and trying numerous diets, nothing had worked.

Because my lecturer in his feedback on one of my assignments in a counselling course said if I spent as much time looking at the “Inside Helen”- as I had on the outside Helen, “The weight may come off and stay off ” I did as he suggested by writing this book.

I looked at myself as a Greek Australian baby, schoolgirl, adolescent and adult. I connected with feelings I had previously supressed or repressed. I discovered information about eating disorders and the brain which led me to the confronting but liberating realisation that since childhood I had an undiagnosed Binge Eating Disorder. Later I found this could have been the result of forgott en trauma which had alienated me from myself and other people.

Finding the truth and reconciling myself to the past has freed me from eating compulsively. My weight is within the normal BMI range and I weigh less now than I did as a child of eleven.

About the Author

HELEN GERONDIS was born in Sydney Australia, the elder daughter of Greek parents. She was not allowed to go to University when she left school, so she studied by correspondence when she had her first child and then enrolled at Sydney University studying Law in 1958.