The Art of Surrender

A Practical Guide to Enlightened Happiness and Well-Being

by Eiman Al Zaabi Foreword by Penny Peirce

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Language : English
Publication Date : 17/12/2015

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 342
ISBN : 9781504345170
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 342
ISBN : 9781504345194

About the Book

**Winner of Reader's Favorite Book Award**

**Winner of Book Excellence Award**

**Winner of the Body Mind Spirit Book Award**


For seekers of truth, Al Zaabi is a wise and intrepid guide through the wilderness of the self. In plainspoken and heartfelt language, she shine light on the spiritual path and reveals the beauty and necessity of surrender, which has for too long been misunderstanding in the west.

-Krista Bremer, author of A Tender Struggle

Do you ever wish you could switch off the chatter in your mind? This is what brings many of us to self-help, the fears and worries that go along with being human. It is the reason many of us investigate spirituality: emotions and the thoughts beneath them. Indeed, many approaches to religion and spirituality will tell you that the mind causes your suffering and teach you to quiet your inner voice.

The Art of Surrender stands out among self-help books because it offers a completely new approach to spirituality, health, and healing. You do not have to silence your thoughts. Your brain and mind are a gift; they have a spiritual purpose, which is to seek the truth and establish genuine spirituality. Drawing on her Muslim heritage and her wise and careful exploration of spirituality without religion yet informed by it, Eiman Al Zaabi guides you in the delightful art of spiritual inquiry, investigating ideas for yourself and incorporating only those truths that resonate deeply.

Whether you are taking the first steps on your spiritual journey or have long traveled such a path, The Art of Surrender will transform your relationship with yourself, the Divine, and the world around you. You’ll learn the deepest needs of your soul and discover how to meet them. You’ll be guided through the four stages of the spiritual journey: finding Source, knowing Source, aligning with Source, and surrendering to Source. With this approach to self-help, anxiety melts away as you develop a spirituality of gratitude and trust. When you read this book, you’ll discover the ultimate state of fulfillment and joy: surrender.

About the Author

Eiman Al Zaabi is a Muslim spiritual teacher who integrates the principles of harmony, beauty and unity in her teaching. Eiman is also a facilitator, transformational coach who helps individuals transform their lives, heal from past trauma and live authentically.