Quantum God

How Life Really Works

by Michelle Langenberg

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Language : English
Publication Date : 10/07/2013

Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 294
ISBN : 9781452571300
Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 294
ISBN : 9781452571287

About the Book

If Quantum God were a Who, God would not be the judgmental, biased, and sometimes malicious Old Man in the Sky many of us grew up with, but rather the All where everything is possible and pulsating with potential. If Quantum God were a What, God might be the fabric that connects every idea, every desire, every personality, and everything in a pulsating, energetic, ever-Becoming Whole. If Quantum God were a Where, God could be the Higgs-Boson “God Particle” upon which angels dance or an “everywhere” with ever-burgeoning dimensions well beyond our comprehension of the universe as we know it. If Quantum God were a Why, God would exist because creativity cannot be contained or restrained, but seeks free-flowing expression, expanding in waves and ripples of idea-become-event. Yet Quantum God may be most like a How—the how behind everything we know and “laws” we can only guess at, the how that lays the groundwork for miracles as commonplace occurrences and composes a theme from the frequency (or vibration) of joy. Quantum God: How Life Really Works sheds light on the misconceptions that limit us and offers insights that can free us to be the true powers we really are, seemingly magical beings who create with godlike abilities. When we understand the invisible workings of the universe, we stop being victims of creative laws we don’t understand. These laws rule our lives, whether we comprehend them or not. What could we do if we understood them? Is there anything we could not do? Miracles are the way life is meant to work. Quantum God tells about how we shortchange ourselves, our true creative potential, how our hopes and dreams, fears and feelings of inadequacy create our experiences, how to rise out of depression, victimhood, and blame to find joy and peace, how to believe in ourselves and live with confidence and optimism. You are now what you think you are — but you’re actually so much more! You can become whatever you believe is possible. Learn how to redefine yourself.

About the Author

Michelle Langenberg is a prize-winning poet, editor, artist, teacher, Alzheimer care provider, and Master Reiki healer. She graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Latin, but prefers comic crime, Harry Potter, and Vivekananda to Cicero and Catullus. She loves the song of the sea, and dreams of living in a bungalow that glows with love, laughter, and blessing.
She has been published by Chicken Soup and The Kansas City Star, and is author of The Painted Bible; Portraits of a Poet; Wherever We Are . . . Unity; You Won’t Always Be Little, Tad (children’s picture book); The Book of Great Beginnings: Two-hundred First Lines to Give Writers a Running Start, the manuscripts, Lessons from the Brick Wall School and Integrative Health Guide, and two screenplays looking for a producer. She is an INFJ who does not have a pet named “Schrödinger’s Cat.” She lives by the Law of Kindness
and believes that “we are so much more than we think we are.” Her website address is www.langefinearts.com.