Just BE...

Reflection of an awakening and discovering the path to Being

by Victor Elliot Powell

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Language : English
Publication Date : 14/03/2013

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 156
ISBN : 9781452567242
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 156
ISBN : 9781452567259

About the Book

Just Be… takes you on a journey of self-discovery where you come back home to yourself and find everything you thought you needed you already have. Like Dorothy in The Wizard of OZ, we often have to go far away to discover there is no place like home. And your home is within you right now, just waiting for you to find it. The opening chapter helps you define your own unique path and carries you through each chapter as you add more and more to your process and see how easy it is to come home. Everyone finds his or her own path by looking within and realizing this is the only place that the answers have ever lived.

Your Self Power
The 3R’s of Being
The Undiscovered Self

These core chapters move you to a state of Being where you learn that anything is possible (Infinite Possibilities). Just Be … takes you deep into the concepts of true being, unraveling the many ways that we create limits in our experiences, by living life without Being as an active part of our process. Take your journey through Life Choices, The Illusions of Time, and Joy of Coming Home to discover the magic that was always there, just waiting for you to use.

About the Author

Victor Elliot Powell is a professional photographer with 38 plus years of photographing notables such as the Barack and Michelle Obama, Harold Washington, George and Barbara Bush, and the last five Presidents of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Incorporated., just to name a few. His stellar photographic career of working with many top corporations and covering major events make him a well know name in the photography community. Adding transformational author to his list of accomplishments may seem to be a departure from his core area of expertise, but is an extension of what he shares that enable him to produce great photographic results. In his younger years, Victor was pretty shy and spent much of his time people watching. Little did he know that those years of people watching gave him keen insights into people beyond the superficial. This insight and understanding provide the perspective that he uses in his photography. He photographs his subject in a way that brings their inner selves (their Being) to the surface. Victor’s, “Anybody can get what you look like. We capture what you feel like.” approach, created portraits that were the best reflections of his clients. Seeing the responses from his subject as he shared his newfound passion for Being during his sessions was the beginning of his realization that this concept and his story mattered and needed to be out in the world. As the son of a lawyer, Victor mirrored his father’s way of thinking becoming very mind driven, needing to know the why of everything before proceeding on a task. His journey from paralysis-by-analysis thinking, to walking a path of infinite possibilities was a major departure from that mind set. This sent him on the quest to find the awaken state where he discovered the joy of being. After hitting the wall of,” There must be more than this”, Victor began a journey that thrust him to a reality that exist so far beyond his mind, that he had to abandon everything he thought he knew to take the trip. Taking the first step was the easiest and the hardest at the same time. Easy because there was really nothing to be done but decide to step. And hard because in a mind controlled existence, moving into the unknown is almost impossible. For Victor, learning to trust a knowing beyond thought was his most important task and the key to all of the unfolding that would follow. Each next step seemed to happen, just as it should, with all of the supporting elements appearing right on time. The next book, person, or ah ha moment appeared as if they were following a predefine procedure or script. Victor soon learned, that his belief in his journey was the fueling source (writing the script) that brought him what he needed when he needed. (Even though he did not know that at that time) Victor’s journey moved even faster once he released the last bit of mind control. At that point, his mind became a willing partner in this process and created the harmony of mind, body spirit. Everything was now in place to move him into the infinite possibilities of life where he journeyed from nowhere to now here. Victor now lives a life of Just Being as his driving force. He seeks only that which shows up through the process of being open to the infinite possibilities of life. He shares this through his work, life, and deeds, as a living example of Being in action and expression. Just Be… is a motivational guidebook and possibility facilitation tool that takes you on a journey of discovering that everything you think you need, you already have. Being is a journey not a destination, so Victor lives that belief to the fullest. Though the pages he shares his experience to help you to find that sense of Being that lies passive within you. Once found, it becomes your next life experience and the beginning steps of your journey to discover the joys of living life through the process of Just Being.