This World of Echoes

A Divine Guide to Being Human

by Jacquelyn E. Lane

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Language : English
Publication Date : 08/10/2012

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 280
ISBN : 9781452507347

About the Book

What if the world you inhabit is not itself real but the end result of waveforms echoing from the source of all life—a source that humans label “divine” because it is beyond our full knowing? Yet we sense it and yearn to be more conscious of its presence in our lives.

This World of Echoes offers divine keys to understanding our experience of being humans on planet Earth and our relationships with ourselves, each other, and the greater life.

In beautiful, liquid language This World of Echoes releases our old, limiting ideas and perspectives and opens our inner senses to the boundless mystery of being. It teaches us how to recognise and rise above the ways in which our personality distorts our ultimately divine nature.

The three books that make up this volume can be read sequentially or opened anywhere as the whim or need arises—a rich ground for pondering, meditation, and insight. Even after many readings, the wisdom remains fresh, resonant, and useful, regardless of our status or station in life, our culture or circumstances.

From the independent Kirkus Review:

In this addition to New Age literature, Lane offers advice for achieving mental clarity.

There are two types of “echoes” discussed by Lane. The first are those that arise from the “energy waves” emanating from God, whose animating force, says Lane, is present in all of us whether or not we acknowledge it. The second is the “false world of echoes,” born of our memories and the fears they spark. She...warns against “mistaking...power games of the personality [with] a desired advancement of the soul,” asserting that our minds wander “everywhere trying to find gratification” because of our “sense of separation” from the source of all creation. But her book isn’t simply an appeal to “eliminate the barriers” to happiness or fulfillment. She also delves into ontology and cosmology, explaining the nature of time, the origins of structures and shapes in the universe, and the roles played by the handmaidens of creation (devas and nature spirits). Veteran “seekers” will find these discussions illuminating and inspiring, although people just starting out in their spiritual quests will find some of the concepts perplexing. The prose is lucid, however, and much of it is akin to poetry in the sense that it can, and should, be revisited for deeper understanding.

About the Author

With over forty years study and experience in metaphysics, this well-traveled New Zealand author-artist writes from a global perspective on nature and spirituality, extending the boundaries of our perception, inviting us to rethink our understanding of reality. Jacquelyn enjoys sharing through her workshops and talks on art and metaphysics.