The Human Way vs. The Spirit Way

The Myths Unraveled

by Paula Farley

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 18/10/2012

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 282
ISBN : 9781452507095

About the Book

In this insightful and inspiring conversation between Spiritualist Medium Paula Farley and her spirit teacher, White Robe, he clearly addresses the myths and romanticism about the spirit world that continue to create confusion in our understanding of how the energetic realm works.


White Robe succinctly addresses the beliefs that have been inherited through many generations and incarnations onto the Earth plane. Through the questions posed by the author, White Robe asks us to look at the beliefs we hold that may hinder our understanding and journey in human form. Clearly this places the responsibility of life on Earth as a human one, whilst assuring us that the spirit world will always provide the assistance we need to be spirit first/human second, if we are willing to expand our beliefs enough to become truly powerful beings.


White Robe provides explanations and understanding in a relaxed, conversational manner whilst still acknowledging the struggles and confusions that walking purely the human way has left us with.


He patiently explains that by understanding the spirit way, we can expand our beliefs and therefore experiences of the assistance that is always provided by loved ones, guides, and angels alongside the human way.


His explanations provide the clarity needed for each of us to understand how, as unique individuals, we can be the masters of our own construction, rather than the tools of our own destruction. 


Never before has such an honest and open conversation provided the insight needed to assist us in our understanding of how both human and spirit can walk hand in hand—if we are willing to accept that help can be given.

About the Author

Paula Farley was born in England and now lives in Australia. She has worked as a spiritualist medium, both in the UK and Australia, running development groups and workshops as well as platform demonstrations. White Robe is one of her guides, who are affectionately known as “her boys upstairs.”