Deeper Water

by Len Varley

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 20/09/2012

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 190
ISBN : 9781452506821

About the Book

A passionate advocate for the protection and rights of whales and dolphins, author Len Varley continues the story of the captive dolphins of Taiji, Japan, and the world’s marine parks in his sequel to Salt Water Tears.

Weaving recollections, observations, and eyewitness accounts together into a richly compelling tapestry, he offers up a deeper understanding of the intimate, profound, and often dangerously complicated relationship shared between cetaceans and humans.

Varley tells us that the dolphins’ gift to us is reconnection—both with ourselves and our environment. He challenges us to step up to the mark as planetary guardians and to recognize that we do not possess a right of ownership over the creatures of our planet.

Saying their goodbyes on leaving Taiji, Varley and his colleagues are presented with the gift of a hand-drawn Japanese kanji character by a member of the Japanese Police Special Task Force. It is the symbol for “Life, Soul and Spirit” It is a simple yet powerful acknowledgement honouring the passion and commitment of those who stand in defence of the dolphins, and it perfectly summarises the core sentiment of Deeper Water.

About the Author

A former commercial pilot and flight instructor, Len Varley is a passionate advocate for the protection of whales and dolphins. Varley has now made two visits to Taiji, Japan, and continues his work towards raising awareness for the rights and protection of all cetaceans. He lives in Perth, Western Australia.