Rainbow Children®—Magical Moving Stories

Stories with movement, dance, yoga, and song

by Linda Ananda

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 05/09/2012

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x8.5
Page Count : 152
ISBN : 9781452554754

About the Book

Imagine having the ability to flow through life’s challenges with ease, a clear mind, connection with others and nature, a soft strength that achieves much for the good of all, a channel of pure innate wisdom, emotional intelligence, and a sense of unlimited love. Now imagine that you were given the chance to develop these qualities as a child when you were most receptive and when they could guide your whole life ~ especially the tumultuous times of teens and early adulthood. Imagine that, not only were you were given this gift when you most needed it, but that it was given to you in a beautiful rainbow of stories that you danced, laughed and sang along to with your friends and an attentive, connected parent or teacher. This is the gift of the rainbow children® stories that you are holding in your hand … to whom will you give this precious gift? “This is a unique work, introducing qualities of acceptance and adaptability that can elude the best of us in challenging times. How wonderful to learn these strengths through activity, stories and fun as a child. Linda’s books are a gem amongst the chaos, offering children the opportunity to recognise their own feelings and to see ways in which to deal with them towards the most positive outcome. Rich are the possibilities of a person whose awareness is awakened to these philosophies in childhood, simple and obvious as they are in hindsight, so many of us are not able to navigate the complexities of our feelings with ease. These books could make that difference.” —Paula Mayura, founder of the Mayura School of Yoga “rainbow children® is an inspired and lovely project which, as an ex-teacher of infants, I can sense will have a great interest for and influence on children in need of a spiritual input and support.” —Ruth White, bestselling author of Working with Your Chakras

About the Author

Linda Ananda MSc, DipM, DipCD, DipYT, DipHypCS, LHS, ATH is a therapeutic healer specialising in movement and a teacher of dance, yoga and practical philosophy. Her journey has led her through an exploration of eastern and western wisdom and movement practices to a destination of presence, connection and blissful peace. Linda lives in Devon with her two children, Oscar and Jonah.

Gavin Frank is a Voice Facilitator, Singer and Musician. His background stems from choirboy to BA-Hons Music Degree through to Naked Voice training. He has 12 yrs voice experience; empowering people to express the full resonance and depth of their own voice. Gavin performs and records in the duo Madrum.