“Common Cents”

The Full Set of TaxTheRichDotName Emails (Vol. 1)

by Philip A. Bralich

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 15/06/2012

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 244
ISBN : 9781452551395

About the Book

The TaxTheRichDotName e-mails evolved as an effort to draw attention and popularize the author’s view of a quick and easy solution to the problem of income disparity and the distribution of wealth in the United States today.  Specifically, that solution is to obviate the need for all of Marxist (both sides, communist and capitalist) idealism and all of aristocratic excess via movement to tax the rich thoroughly, profoundly, repeatedly, and punitively via the vote until the wealthy sit up straight, fold their hands on the table, admit they were wrong, apologize, and put the money bank.  Votes, not money, move the US system, and voters, not the wealthy, are the true authority.  There is no need to kill the aristocrats and no need to oppress the poor. All that is required is to tax the rich.

About the Author

Philip A. Bralich has a PhD in linguistics. He spent many years teaching ESL and essay and research writing. He has much experience presenting at professional conferences and publications in theoretical syntax, ESL, and computational linguistics, as well as with professional business presentations, business writing, and grant writing.  He has had a thirty-year reading history (obsession) with root thinkers of Western and Eastern philosophy and psychology.