Women of the Wise Earth

Celebrating the Rainbow Symphony

by Nicole Gruel & Kristie Steers

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 20/06/2012

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x8.5
Page Count : 140
ISBN : 9781452505107

About the Book

33 women • 7 sacred natural locations • 1 magical book guided by Spirit’s hand


Women of the Wise Earth is an inspired co-creation between spiritual teachers, healers, natural therapists, dancers, poets, artists, mothers, sisters and daughters – women with a deep connection to this sacred Earth and its creative feminine pulse. This book has been birthed with the intention to serve fellow siSTARS around the globe in honouring, celebrating and surrendering into their innate feminine radiance. When women tap into the organic and intuitive rhythm that is their own, life becomes one exquisitely divine and ever-unfolding experience. Grace, gratitude, peace and laughter with the universe become a way of life.


The words and images within arose from women gathering in sacred natural spaces, communing with Mother Earth and voicing the whisperings of Spirit as they were felt. This is nothing new; it is a reconnection with our most primal way of being. Each woman’s sharing is a reflection of the diverse faces of the divine feminine. Together, they embody a stream from the archetypal voice of woman on the road to deep self-discovery, awakening and authenticity…a voice that moves through each and every woman on this planet. As our Earth Mother now experiences great change so too do we, for we are inexplicably one and the same. The moment for woman to reconnect with her essence and to dance in the personal, collective, earthly, cosmic and divine spheres is now.


Each chapter in this book is an offering and a feast to nurture the soul. It is an exploration of the seven core chakras through image, lived experiences, insights, meditations, yoga postures and play. Women of the Wise Earth is a most valuable companion for any woman aligning with her greatest joy, fulfillment, vitality and authentic expression.

About the Author

Nicole Gruel is a storyweaver with an insatiable enthusiasm for inner alchemy, sacred ritual, earth communion and the co-creative process. She has trained as a holistic counsellor, Soul Purpose Facilitator, Chakradance™ Instructor and Psychological Type practitioner. She is the author of Dancing With Dragons: A Journey to Wholeness. www.barefootstoryweaver.com