12 Keys for 2012 and Beyond

Birthed from an Ancient Light we are now Ascending

by Kathleen Frances & Illustrated by Carisa Ruby Town

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Language : English
Publication Date : 29/06/2012

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x8.5
Page Count : 74
ISBN : 9781452551159

About the Book

As hidden truths are revealed and questions remain unanswered by both science and religion, a new spirituality is emerging.

Through upheavals and transformations, our Earth and all its inhabitants are transitioning into a higher dimension.

The Keys in" 12 Keys for 2012 and Beyond" will open the door to your inner self, the Holy Grail within.

“In this extraordinary time of tumult and change these 12 Keys will provide a strong guiding light that leads you to embrace life and inspire you on your own path of self mastery. Absorb its message and act on its wisdom.”
- Scott Martineau
#1 bestselling author of “The Power of You”,
Speaker, Mentor, Entrepreneur and Cofounder of
ConsciousOne.com and ScottMartineauLive.com

About the Author

Kathleen Frances is a Certified teacher of Spiritual Sciences: Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, Past Lives, Channeling, Meditation, and Light Therapy. She holds a B.S degree in Sociology and Psychology.

Kathleen has been a social worker, peace and civil rights activist, counselor, teacher, parent, health and wellness trainer, songwriter and performer.

Through a series of dreams, Kathleen was led from Minnesota to The Lighted Way Fellowship in Santa Monica, California to begin her in-depth studies and training with Muriel Isis, Doctor of Divinity, M.S.Family Counseling.

Muriel, who founded The Lighted Way Fellowship in 1966, and drew students in from around the world, was recognized in the World Who’s Who of Women, hosted radio shows and is an author of many books including “The Body of Light, Life and Immortality…Keys to Translation”.

From 1975 on, Kathleen was developed to become the Director of The Lighted Way Fellowship, which is now her current role. In 1999, Muriel Isis went to the other side to expand her work, as the Cosmic Mother and has continued to guide from above.

The essence of this book is pure truth as overshadowed by the Cosmic Mother, who is Isis. She reincarnated as Muriel Isis to herald in this Golden Age, through the ascension of our Earth.