Success in my hands

A journey to find my own peace and freedom

by Richard Cook

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 24/07/2012

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 138
ISBN : 9781452547916

About the Book

Success in my hands was written to help me change a way of thinking which affected my whole life from day one. My father is ex-army (Royal Engineers) and we had postings to Malta, Germany (Berlin and Willich), the island of St Helena (South Atlantic Ocean), and Cyprus when I was a child. For twenty-five to thirty years, I had anxiety, depression and panic attacks related to how I viewed my arms. In 2006, I went to Harley Street, London, for help with changing my thinking patterns to live a more peaceful and happier life. Now with a sense of peace and freedom from my past I can at last be at one with myself.

About the Author

Firstly why did I write ‘Success in my hands’? Simply to help me become happier, to start loving a part of me that I didn’t and to be free and at peace to be my self. I have had the overwhelming desire to be happy almost at any cost. I had I guess a sense of an underlying sadness related to my arms. The emotional feelings I wanted to change and be at peace and free from anxiety, depression and the panic attacks that lasted for nearly 30 years. This book is my opportunity to explain that the very words, feelings and actions have had a direct impact on my behaviour from an early age. Whilst writing the journey has been one of letting go of those negative thoughts and replacing them with happier ones so that I can ‘smile’ from the inside. I believed that my happiness was always to come from the ‘inside’. I knew why because my sadness was on the inside, all I had to do was reverse it. But I didn’t know ‘how’ I had to learn it and literally change my whole approach to life. Become enabled by changing the thoughts to happier ones. ☺