Understanding ‘Death’ and Embracing Life

by Christine Spencer, Cover design or artwork by Lindsey Whiting, Photographs by Peter Lord & Cover design or artwork by Trent McCarthy

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 23/12/2011

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 332
ISBN : 9781452502557

About the Book

Pathways To Peace entices the reader into the magnificent splendor of the higher dimensions and explores many facets of life after death. It weaves around a diversity of inspiring personal experiences of those who have clinically died and returned to tell their remarkable stories. It describes in detail what happens when we ‘die’ and dispels all fears of death and dying. It is designed to illustrate that we are all eternal, glorious Divine beings that can choose to embrace the transition into another dimension when we pass over and re-unite with Source – The Light- to be enveloped and caressed by a depth of unconditional love that defies human description. It shows that we are never judged, we are all from the same original Source and as such are all interconnected.
 The book reveals many examples of After Death Communication and offers insights derived from some of Christine’s own personal experiences as to why she believes there are no accidents.
  Pathways To Peace also provides practical support, insights and encouragement for those coping with loss.

About the Author

Christine is a 58 year old mother of five who resides in Melbourne, Australia. A passionate nature photographer, she delights in the diverse beauty of the Australian flora and fauna.
  Christine’s personal quest to discover the fundamental ‘truths’ about the meaning of life and death has lead her in and out of a diversity of organisations and situations. Her passion to deliver these findings to the world through her writing has been a driving force for the past two decades.  An intuitive channel and inspired author Christine delivers her findings in a relaxed and definitive style.