Crystal Clear

Harnessing the Combined Potential Power of Crystals and Water

by Noelle Sherrard

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 22/03/2012

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 104
ISBN : 9781452542966

About the Book

An interest in the connection between environmental and human health inspired Noelle Sherrard to write Crystal Clear—an investigation into the chemical properties of crystals, minerals, and water as a source of mineral supplementation, albeit at an energetic level.

Crystal Clear is a gem; it is not only a record of the author’s journey, but also a practical workbook that readily allows readers to become aware of their individual needs from a mineral perspective.

For those who use crystals principally as a source of comfort and inspiration, Crystal Clear offers an added dimension. Humanity, plants, and animals cannot survive without minerals and water, and Sherrard invites the reader to explore the possibility of doing things differently—a change of consciousness.

“The refreshingly clear and perceptive research outlined in this book I found doubly satisfying in that the author has made it possible for the reader to make good use of the information and ideas presented.”
—R.H.S. Barnacle, retired school principal

“The knowledge in this wonderful book differs from the usual new age concept of using crystals, as Ms. Sherrard teaches us about the valuable minerals they contain. It is a fascinating account of her wide-ranging philosophy, as well as a very practical manual on how to use crystals to benefit our health.”
—M. W. Clissold, BA

About the Author

NOELLE SHERRARD is a practicing naturopath, herbalist, and homoeopath for more than twenty years. She uses her experience to gain insight into the link between agricultural soils depleted of minerals, and its correlation to human health.

Residing east of Perth—the most isolated capital city on the planet—allows Noelle to observe the changes in nature: increased land clearing, population escalation, loss of flora and fauna, diminished rainfall and soil erosion. Noelle’s observations prompt her to question the mineral adequacy of the human diet.