Embracing the Spirit of Nature

by Linda Shaylor Cooper

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 23/11/2011

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x8.5
Page Count : 48
ISBN : 9781452540313

About the Book

Nature, spirits, and fairies have become increasingly common topics. Embracing the Spirit of Nature will invite you into a world of magic few have experienced by sharing actual raw photography of fairies, gnomes, and more.

Embracing the Spirit of Nature will alter how people experience nature and how they directly impact the life of all of nature’s elements. This experience is similar to that of Masaru Emoto’s work, demonstrating the life force that is present in every drop of water. His book shows how words of love and compassion cause drops of water to form clear crystal shapes.

My book will draw attention to nature spirits that have likely never been seen before, yet which surround and support us in our daily life.

The primary audience includes the spiritual community, people who currently interact with the fairy realm, people who love fantasy and the realms of magic, those who are interested in gardening, those who love nature, and children of all ages.

This book offers a unique opportunity to view actual raw photography of nature spirits including dialogs with the nature spirits; it also offers ways to communicate and receive guidance from the Nature Spirits. I have had the great pleasure of not only experiencing the fairies but have been blessed with the opportunity to view them through my photography.

About the Author

The Crystal Garden Fairy is a name adopted by Linda Shaylor Cooper to capsulize her passionate pursuit of the Nature Spirit realm, the Mineral Kingdom and the Plant Kingdom. Her intense exploration and study spanning many years has found her desiring to share her experiences through communicating and photographing Nature Spirits then writing about them in her book called Embracing the Spirit of Nature. Leaving California recently Linda now lives in the Verde Valley near Sedona Arizona.