The Labyrinth of Life

Passages of Truth Expressed through Thought-Provoking Wisdom

by Stefanos S. Sifandos

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 08/05/2012

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x8.5
Page Count : 96
ISBN : 9781452547947

About the Book

This book represents a journey though the maze and mysteries of what life holds. Each aphorism conveys a deeper thought that may lead not only to exploration of self, but also a whole exploration of the world external to our own minds. The beauty lies within the realm of thought-provoking text. It is truly a beautiful experience if one has the ability to pause and reflect on the interconnectivity of what life presents.

Our Western framework and culturally constructed clutter has occupied our lives to the point where the ability to contemplate deeper truths about our existence has become lost within mechanisms of unnecessary and forced survival. This book allows the individual to absorb deeper thought processes and realizations about the way in which the world operates.

Filled with stunning imagery, this collection takes the reader to a place within themselves where they may contemplate the beauty of this Earth, humanity and what truly is important to their own existence. It has been know for an age that deep contemplation may often lead to fulfilling and peaceful existence. May all those who feel and contemplate deeply that which they love be blessed with the strength, courage and will to better themselves and constantly strive for a peaceful state of being.

About the Author

About the Author:
Stefanos S Sifandos has a degree in Behavioral Science and Philosophy and is currently earning a master’s degree in Environmental Science and Management. He works on a daily basis assisting individuals in bettering their lives and reaching a higher inner potential.
Through avenues within the university life, he has also published an article in an international academic journal. The article focuses its thesis around current global, socioeconomic and financial issues all related to poverty and its psychological implications upon self and society.
His inquisitive mind towards the happenings of all that occurs and his close relationship to the natural ecosphere has shaped the way Stefanos relates to the world as an integrated working whole. The Labyrinth of Life is the first of many books, which provide insight in how to absorb one’s surroundings meaningfully and value one’s self in a fast and ever-changing world. Stefanos strongly believes in the connectedness of all. By questioning and deeply reflecting upon our actions, relationships, thoughts, behaviors and self created systems we are then able to positively influence and affect all aspects of our being. This phenomenon occurs best when knowing the fullness and intricacies of mind, its illusions and its functions.
“Human potential has no scale of measurement or limit but rather lends itself to the realm of infinite possibility. Belief and exploration of self is in actuality an exploration of the Universe in its entirety.” SS

About the Photographer:
Jose Garcia has been inspired by culture and creativity from a young age. His transition from art, to music to photography has been one of a centered focus. That focus is to bring to life what Jose believes to be the essence of what this world is, the world being a connected whole.
His passion for realism and his creative nature allow Jose to provide his viewers with interpretation of both the artificial and natural world like no other. This is achieved by Jose’s ability to apply rhythm and movement to each still photo, a truly unique gift that few possess. Jose’s inspirations stem from astronomy, cosmology, history and culture.