Waiting for Kassie X

A stumbling upon Love… and the angst and pangs of accepting her on her terms

by Kris J. King

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 24/06/2011

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 136
ISBN : 9781452536071

About the Book

Imagine setting out on a journey of self-discovery with the idea of being alone and unknown. Then, imagine having a serendipitous encounter with someone who makes you feel more recognized than ever before and subsequently indirectly falling in love with that person. What does one do now with such an unexpected phenomenon?

This is the challenge that awaited Kris as he set out backpacking through Canada to—at least for a moment—steer away from the land where popularity and likeness and having a job with a pension often overshadows substance and meaning. As Kris put it, “All my success and adulation, past or present that I’ve received, of it all, there was simply nothing I could hang my ‘happy hat’ on. It just didn’t feel true anymore.”

So, with the intent of finally facing his destiny, the inevitable prerequisite of facing loneliness and solitude in order to “get the signal clear,” Kris decides to travel into unfamiliar territory, during which he faces shocking realizations about himself. All of his hardships inevitably cycle back to a tireless effort to seek out that one special someone that he’d had his chance encounter with: Kassie. The problem is, he never got any contact information; not even a last name. Yes, the journey back to love can sometimes be direct and indirect simultaneously, while never really knowing the true target.

About the Author

Kris King is an avid traveler; “unmotivated movement” best describing his true passion. A backpacking journey through parts of Canada not only landed him on global foreign lands but also into the unfamiliar confines of his own inner dwelling. The insights and revelations he’d discover would ultimately spur the creation of Waiting for Kassie X.

As a student of life, Kris fervently believes that learning about oneself is mostly much more fun than mastering it. Therefore, he gives his best efforts in keeping an open mind while welcoming any opportunities or challenges that may be awaiting his participation and cooperation.

Kris lives in Springfield, Illinois, and continues to be an advocate of telling the truth to yourself about yourself, no matter how uninspiring it may appear. It eventually becomes your way out.

Kris King can be contacted by email at: krisking911@hotmail.com Or...on Facebook under: Kris J. King