Aromatherapy For Scentual Awareness

by Judith White & Karen Downers

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 28/06/2011

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 240
ISBN : 9781452502045

About the Book

Like the citizens of every recorded society, we have turned to incense, potpourri and pomanders to add to the quality of space we inhabit. Even today, people travel many kilometres just to sit and walk in a beautiful garden - just as they did in the days of the Gardens of Babylon. And why? Because it is instinct that the very essence of nature is a healer to our spirit and to our soul. Of course our bodies respond to aromas! We don’t need science to tell us that. Go sit in a beautiful garden and breathe in the brilliant blend of aromas, and you will notice an uplifting of your mood and spirit.

It is true, however, that some people respond more acutely and readily to aromas than others. This is not really unusual when you consider how magnificently developed the sense of smell becomes in a blind person. As the Royal Blind Society will tell you, you can develop your senses far and beyond the average person when you have to, or when you just simply want to.

When a woman or a man arrives at that stage of their life when they become more aware of their senses, of nature and the world around them, we believe it marks a very important point in their development.

Scentual Awareness is the term we use to describe this growing appreciation of aromas and fragrances, and the sense of smell - hence the title of this book. We believe our book can open the way to a whole new world for you. It will give you insight into a new approach to nature through one of its most powerful tools - those fragrant essential oils drawn from flowers and grasses, trees and roots, leaves and fruit. These remain the great untapped resources of our planet.

Our book, Aromatherapy for Scentual Awareness shows how each essential oil can offer many diverse benefits. One of the most holistic of all systems of medicine, you will see for yourself how the oils can alleviate symptoms, prevent many illnesses and disorders, influence our moods or create special environments in our homes, offices or wherever we may spend our days - all without the chemical pollution of our bodies or our environment.

In writing this book, we have drawn largely on our own experiences in day-to-day life, in the visible improvements to our appearance and the general state of our health and wellbeing. We have also drawn on feedback from friends and relatives, but most importantly from the thousands of people we have come in contact with through our work as aromatherapists, including many who have come to our workshops and demonstrations. They have all had stories to tell.


About the Author

Judith White and Karen Day are experienced aromatherapists, and health and lifestyle educators. Karen developed her skills in aromatherapy after a career in beauty therapy, while Judith has her background in bodywork and tactile therapy.

They both have studied wholistic aromatherapy in Europe, the recognised centre of knowledge in this field. As well as having established busy aromatherapy practices in both Melbourne and Sydney, they have facilitated international distribution of the purest essential oils available in the world today under the name “In Essence.”

Acknowledged as leaders in their field, Judith and Karen lecture and teach aromatherapy throughout the world, sharing their own personal experiences and knowledge with tens of thousands of people, providing these people with tools to transform their lives.

Their workshops are fun, practical and inspiring, giving participants many new perceptions and skills for well-being.

Judith and Karen live and breathe the aromatic lifestyles.

Their message is simple: “You are your own creator and master of health and vitality. Magnify your power, health and beauty through aromatherapy!”