Daphne and Leopold

by Barbara Ann Deane & Illustrated by Jennette Conners

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 28/10/2011

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 24
ISBN : 9781452539782

About the Book

This inspirational children's book about a Dragonfly and a Lion who become best friends in a Land called ONE shows children how we are all connected to one another and the importance of thinking positively.

Whoever heard of a dragonfly and a lion roaming around the jungle as best friends? Perhaps you have never heard of a land called One, where all the animals and insects come to realize the importance of their connection to each other, and how their thoughts affect all of their lives.

This enchanting tale gave Barbara Deane the courage to fully open her heart to invite love in during the last few weeks of her life. During this time, as she lay confined to her bed in an amazing hospice, which has a butterfly logo, she created this story.

Everyone who entered Barbara's room was inspired by her to make a butterfly, and soon beautiful butterflies and dragonflies decorated the walls of her room. Then one day, a faithful friend brought her a very special dragonfly, a helium-filled balloon, and Barbara immediately called her Daphne. Daphne became animated and would turn to stare lovingly at Barbara. Shortly after that, she received the gift of a large stuffed lion. He was endearingly named Leopold—her final inspiration. Barbara knew that lions embody strength and courage.

The words started flowing, and Barbara was so thrilled to finally be telling the story that was inside of her that the excitement was contagious.  The staff became involved and passionate about the story as well.

Once the story was told, Barbara was ready to go home—to her heaven. She had found a way to share her light with the world. After all, she knew dragonflies remind us that, we are light.

About the Author

Barbara was raised in the small farming community of Beverley, near Swift Current, Saskatchewan, and attended a one room schoolhouse through grade _ ve. She shared a great deal of laughter and simple fun with her three older sisters and loving mother, while her dad was often away farming or hauling gravel. Their baby brother was born, a sweet surprise, when Barbara was 11 years old.

Barbara maintained her small-town soul and opened her heart to everyone as she journeyed through life. Family and friends were foremost for her. She was so proud of her four children, and all of her grandchildren held a very special place in her heart.

Barbara worked for many fulfilling years as the Office Supervisor at Yale Secondary School in Abbotsford, British Columbia. She poured her creative spirit into student activities and, in particular, assisted with the production of their plays. She wrote poetry for every occasion, and it always displayed her quick wit and wonderful sense of humour.

Everyone who knew Barbara well understood how she absolutely loved cartoon characters and fairy tales. Tinker Bell was her favourite. She understood their deeper meaning, and often used this to share her wisdom.

Once started on her spiritual path, Barbara pursued it with a passion. She was deeply inspired by Louise Hay and was devoted to following her teachings about positive thinking. This story came from her determination to share this message in her own simple, sweet way. She left this as a gift for all the children of the world, and for the child within each one of us.

Our book was displayed at the I Can Do it Conference in Tampa, Florida for the first time on 11/11/11, one year after Barbara’s death.

Karin Jefferies

Sister and Best