Angels and Lamb Chops

A Spiritual Journey

by Rev. Vicki Marriner

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 27/07/2011

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 156
ISBN : 9781452502120

About the Book

As I tried to sleep that night, once more Spirit came to me and told me I was ready to walk my walk on the Spiritual path, and with that I remember sighing. Rev. Vicki Marriner wasn’t always a clairvoyant medium or spiritual healer. In fact, for much of her life she was not aware of her link to the world of spirit at all. It took the pain and upheaval of losing one of her newborn twins—who followed eight miscarriages and who were born very premature—to start Marriner down the path of self-discovery, truth, and spiritual awakening. Angels and Lamb Chops: A Spiritual Journey presents the heartrending and ultimately joyful story of Marriner’s life, tracing her journey from death, despair and broken relationships to peace of self and freedom of soul. The lessons of Marriner’s experiences can guide all of us in our life’s questions, for the principles of success in all our lives are the same: grounding ourselves to the earth plane and strengthening our connection to the spiritual plane can save us from self-destruction and fear while also lending joy, confidence and compassion to our daily lives. Marriner’s role as medium allows her to bring us the gifts from Spirit—gifts to help us cope with what we have been given, help us see the world for what it is and can be and help us thrive in our hearts and minds.

About the Author

Rev. Vicki Marriner is a Registered Minister of Religion for Spiritualism. She humbly and faithfully serves the Spirit in all her work. Vicki is also clairvoyant and a medium, holding accreditation in hypnotherapy, counseling for past and this life regression, spiritual healing, spirit-channeled psychic surgery and spiritual workshop facilitation. She currently lives in Western Australia.