Our Leaders, Our Choices, Our Destiny

Reclaiming Your Destiny in the Midst of Confusing Brawl

by Farid Arjan

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 17/08/2012

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 156
ISBN : 9781452555522

About the Book

America is hurting, and so is the rest of the world. The agonizing financial events of the last decade—economic meltdown, rising unemployment rates, homes lost to foreclosure—have resulted in broken social systems, exhausted workers, and disconnected families. Environmental calamities, both natural and humancaused, are becoming more frequent and more devastating. Meanwhile, opposing political camps are mired in bickering and finger-pointing. No wonder the ominous predictions about a “2012 doomsday” are a marketable notion in our society!

But what is the real source of our economic, environmental, and social agony? Is it fate? Our leaders? Our political system? Or something else?

In Our Leaders, Our Choices, Our Destiny, author Farid Arjan examines the root causes behind the traumatic events of the last decade. He shows that these crises, from economic to environmental, are not separate, but interrelated. They are not random accidents or ordained by fate, but spring from seeds that we have sown and nurtured for decades. And they are within our power to change. Our Leaders, Our Choices, Our Destiny offers a viable path to solving our society’s serious challenges and achieving what we all want and deserve—the “pursuit of happiness” as individuals and as a society.

About the Author

Farid Arjan is a devoted observer of the social and political landscape. Having held various corporate positions for over twenty-five years, he has gained deep insight into the corporate culture and how it impacts our everyday life. Farid lives in Baltimore, Maryland.