Avatars Of Consciousness Awaken To Your Divine Destiny

The Extraordinary Truth About Consciousness, Creation & Us

by Carol Romine

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Language : English
Publication Date : 15/06/2012

Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 370
ISBN : 9781452546049
Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 370
ISBN : 9781452546032

About the Book

Avatars of ConsciousnessTM Awaken to Your Divine Destiny  ~  Discover the Truth of Your Magnificent Beingness

We Are Not Here To Evolve … But To Remember

Evolving means we have to become; Awakening means we need only remember what we already are.

Who Am I?  What Am I, Really? What Is the Ultimate Purpose of Life? Does Consciousness Continue After Death?

In this groundbreaking book, Carol Romine reveals the ultimate truth of who we are and why we are experiencing life. It is a phenomenal truth that shifts our consciousness, bridges spirituality and science, unifies classical and quantum physics, and heralds the new paradigm shift in collective human consciousness.

Our classical (seen) and quantum (unseen) worlds do not contradict each other, but validate the undeniable truth of All-at-Once ConsciousnessTM … the true nature of us, divinity, and our universe.

Carol Romine’s journey of awakening began at age nine when a transcendent, life-altering experience with divinity awakened her consciousness and unfolded a remarkable life of conscious interaction with divine energy.

This engaging, paradigm-shattering book reveals The Extraordinary Truth About Consciousness, Creation & Us that Carol discovered while seeking answers from divine consciousness to our most profound universal questions—answers that enlighten us to our own innate beingness. It is the inspirational, true story of Carol’s journey of awakening—experienced as a human being, a mystic, and a soul.     

This deeply insightful book enlightens our minds, brings peace to our hearts, captivates our spirits, and imbues us with knowing that we are not alone, we do matter, and we can engage with our own higher (divine) consciousness to transform, enrich, and more joyfully live our truest lives.

No matter your spiritual beliefs or cultural background, this is truly a book for all humanity, as it reveals the itinerary of this extraordinary journey of conscious awakening that all of us share.

Website: www. carolromine.com

Cover artwork “Aurenas.”  Copyright ©2011 by Carol Romine

About the Author


While many of us come to our faith and understanding of divinity through religious teachings based upon sacred text and strict adherence to a formal structure of practice, Carol grew up as a mystic experiencing direct communion with divinity that was unbounded by human influence or religious doctrine. And although people do not often realize it, many of our religions have been born into our world, based upon the teachings of those who have experienced mystical communion with divine energy (Buddha, etc).

Mystical knowledge of the divine is purely experiential and can often be difficult to capture in written or spoken word, as it involves a state of consciousness beyond normal human perceptiona divine state of all-knowingness that only exists when experiencing pure consciousness. Mystics do not move to the rhythm of the physical world. Their path is defined by their love of divinity and their devotion to experiencing the bliss of pure love and ultimate truth through waking conscious awareness.

Spontaneous mystical experiences are rare, but this is exactly what Carol experienced for the first time when she was four years old and found herself consciously interacting with Benevolence (divinity) in a place of perfection and bliss while simultaneously aware that doctors were fighting to save her physical life during tonsil surgery. Upon awakening from tonsil surgery Carol not only vividly remembered this divine interaction, but she also recognized the light-filled beings that now accompanied her as she moved through her young life as the same beings with whom she had interacted in this blissful place. Companions that she would later learn were angelsand a Benevolence she would come to call God.

Then, at age nine, Carol experienced another spontaneous transcendent mystical experience with divinity that forever changed her life … and her consciousness. Carol was consciously transported to a space of bliss where direct communion with divinity occurred. There were no words or symbols or images … just a pure state of divine consciousness where all the answers to her questions were instantly known within her. Answers about who we truly are and the divine intention behind why we are experiencing life.

The bliss, love, and sense of belonging Carol experienced in this life-altering state of consciousness deeply and forever shaped her life path, for it was a moment of divine transcendence beyond words where everything that could ever be known was consciously experienced as though she and divine energy were identically the same conscious and energetic beingness. There was no timeeverything was experienced all-at-once.

Carol’s life was forever changed. She no longer searched to know … now she searched to remember what is already known within herwithin all of us … ultimate truth and absolute reality. This is what Carol glimpsed in that ecstatic state of divine communion but was unable to fully consciously access until she had learned how to bridge higher (divine) consciousness within her own waking conscious awareness.

The doorway to direct communication with Benevolence and benevolent beings continued as Carol aged and experienced, bringing her hundreds of enlightened higher conscious insights and profound paranormal and mystical experiences. On and on Carol searched through her conscious thoughts and her physical experiences for the ultimate divine truth that was known to her but not remembered. Eventually, everything culminated in an astonishing period that connected the dots of Carol’s amazing life-long experiences and her energetic interactions with Benevolence to the divine knowing that was revealed during her transcendent encounter with divinity at age nine.

In a moment of lucid consciousness, Carol realized her unusual life path had been orchestrated by divinity to unfold just as it had in order that her higher conscious insights and experiences serve as living proof of the divine all-knowingness each of us innately possesses and of our own ability to transcend human conscious barriers and achieve awakening and remembrance of our true divine nature.

The divine truth Carol experienced as a mystic, a human being, and a soul has been lovingly shared with humanity through her book, “Avatars of Consciousness Awaken to Your Divine Destiny—The Extraordinary Truth About Consciousness, Creation & Us” because this phenomenal truth is what heralds the new paradigm shift now occurring within the entirety of collective human consciousness.

Carol continues to experience direct communion with divine energy and shares her higher conscious insights, unusual mystical experiences, and inspirational messages of love and unity through writing, teaching, and lecturing to help others connect with their own innate sense of knowing in order to shift their consciousness, transform their realities, and experience their own divine essence more consciously.

Although Carol considers Florida her home on earth, her truest home is that shared space of benevolent bliss that she first experienced in childhood—and she is consciously, energetically, and lovingly devoted to helping others to find their way home to their own true nature … the vibration of divine conscious love that forever holds our beingness and guides our way.