I will be Home in 20 Minutes

by Roslyn Bell

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 21/12/2010

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 96
ISBN : 9781452501383

About the Book

This book takes you on the personal journey of Roslyn Bell (the author) from marrying her childhood sweetheart, giving birth to her children and building their dream home.

But the perfect fairytale life was soon to be taken from her. On the way home from work as a heavy thunder storm breaks, when she rounds a corner the car aquaplanes across the road hitting a tree, which almost kills hers. The aftermath takes her on an incredible physical journey to learn to walk and the challenges that twist and turn as she grasps for a life she no longer has. With the physical scars under control the mental scars start to appear and again she is wrecked in mental state and inwardly she is in turmoil. In her quest to feel free her mirage breaks down with her fleeing her husband and taking her children in an attempt to feel better, this takes her to very dark places and leads her to doubt would she ever fully recover. However, something deep inside, her knowing spirit recognises that she may have fallen down but she was not broke. As uses all her incredible strength to re build her life both physically and mentally.

As her mirage comes together again and life is getting more joyous on a routine check up she is diagnosed with cervical cancer, this time she recognises her choices and vows to live her life to the full.

Within 9 months of surgery she has bought a shop, opened a ladies boutique which brings her a sense of purpose, allowing her to feel her self worth as she takes joy in serving. In her attempt to make a secure life for her family she soon expands into property to rise beyond her wildest dreams.

This fasinating true story will keep you on the edge as the author takes you from the very low to the high of her journey.

About the Author

Mumpreneur Roslyn Bell Offers Lessons of Survival, Courage and Hope Roslyn Bell has a vivacious charming personality and takes you on her powerful journey of how a brush with death in a horrific car crash and overcoming major surgery for cervical cancer, made her determined to fulfil her dreams and make the most of the gift of life. The turmoil she had to overcome, which was not just physical but mental shows the inner strength and courage that she found to lift herself and her life. Her courageous story is living proof that you can bounce back from terrible adversity and triumph she tells how she built up a successful business where she inspires you by using her own adversities and challenges of life as examples to go and live the life you are destined to live. Sharing her considerable business acumen, the importance of family bonds, self-healing and helping others