Embrace publishing with even more unique features to broaden your circle of readers with the Embracer package. Receive all the benefits of the Seeker package while deepening your publishing journey even more. The Embracer package will elevate your book through custom interior design and exciting marketing opportunities, to name a few. The Embracer package is the next step to establish you as an author and bring more opportunities for your book.

Why Balboa Press?

Balboa Press is a division of Hay House, founded by Louise Hay, a self-published author who raised Hay House from its humble roots. Louise Hay established Hay House in 1984 to self-publish her first two books, selling over 35 million copies worldwide. Today, Hay House is a full-scale traditional publishing company. Still, Louise always remembered her self-publishing roots and decided to create Balboa Press to allow more authors to publish self-help and transformational books.

Opportunity for Discovery

When you publish with Balboa Press, your book could become the next Hay House title. Representatives from Hay House will regularly review Balboa Press titles for new authors to sign with them.


  • Softcover Publishing: Your book will be available in the most popular format, made of quality, perfect binding, and acid-free library stock paper.
  • Digital Formatting and Distribution: Your book will be distributed online as an electronic book (e-Book) and available for purchase through significant resellers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
  • Hardcover Publishing: Your hardcover edition will be perfectly bound with a rigid paperboard and finished with a beautiful dustjacket or in a sturdy case-bound volume with high gloss lamination (for Full-Colour books).

Publishing Elements

  • Worldwide Online DistributionYour book will be available online through external retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other resellers that may pick up your book from the Ingram and Baker & Taylor distribution networks.
  • Standard Cover Design:  A cover designer will be assigned to your manuscript and, with some consultation and direction, will design a cover based on your vision using images you provide, or incorporate 5 or more stock images and design elements to create a unique cover that speaks to the essence of your book.
  • Standard Page Design:  Choose from a set of straightforward book interior layout templates.
  • Electronic Galley: You'll review and approve your book's final product, known as a "galley proof." This is the final check of your cover and manuscript in its last version before production. Galleys will be sent to you via email for easy access.
  • 50 Image InsertionsYou may provide images for your book’s interior pages, which will be printed in black and white or in full colour.
  • One Round of Interior Revisions:  If, after reviewing your electronic galley, you wish to make interior changes to your manuscript, you may submit up to 50 corrections at no additional cost.
  • Custom Page Design: You will have a say in creating visually appealing page designs bringing your story to life, and building your book's layout that fits your needs.
  • One Round of Cover Revisions: If you have any additional changes you want to make to your cover design, you have the option at no additional cost.
  • Amazon "Look Inside", Google, and Barnes & Noble "Read Instantly" Previews: Allow readers to peek inside your book, creating interest online before purchasing it. Preview available on Amazon, Google, Barnes & Noble, etc.
  • Set Your Own Price: Control your retail book price and the number of royalties you earn on each copy sold by activating this one-time option.


  • ISBN Assignment:  A 13-digit identifier is unique to your book and an industry requirement for distribution and retail sales. It allows distributors, retailers, printers, and readers to find and order your book.
  • AU Legal Deposit:  The legal deposit is a system that helps ensure the preservation of published material related to Australia and its people—for the benefit of the community and future generations.

Book Copies

  • 250 Promotional Digital Bookstubs As part of your marketing plan, offer promotional copies of your e-Book using Bookstub codes.
  • AU$750 Credit for your First Book Order:  Use your one-time single-use book credit for books placed through your author book order.

Marketing Elements

  • AU$800 Credit for your Marketing Service
  • Hay House Online Catalogue Placement: Give Hay House’s dedicated readers a chance to discover and purchase your book by putting it directly in HayHouse.com’s online catalogue.
  • Author Website Setup - 6 Pages with One Year of Hosting Receive a professional author website that fits your style and is where readers can discover your book and read your author profile.
  • New Releases Section on the Balboa Press Bookstore: To jumpstart your book's publication, your book will be given the spotlight in our 'New Releases' section on the Balboa Press online bookstore.
  • Featured Book Placement on the Balboa Press Bookstore: Join the featured section on the Balboa Press homepage dedicated to highlighting our authors' books, yours included, for a limited time upon its publication date.
  • Print-Ready Bookmarks Design File: These are the PDF files of bookmark design so you can print bookmarks at home or through a local printer to be used for promotional events.
  • Book Sales Savvy Guide: With helpful exercises and practices, this marketing guide can give you the confidence and skills to draw bookstores to sell your book.
  • Social Media Kit: In this kit, you'll have everything you need to grow your social media presence, including page creation, custom banners, etc. With the rise of content creation and brand deals, a social media kit can help promote your book and connect with the right readers.
  • New Releases Feature on BookMad magazine: Your book will be seen in BookMad magazine, a digital space dedicated to publishing trends, highlighting new authors, and book releases.
  • Booksellers Return Programme (12 months): A typical programme in the self-publishing industry in which author books will be marked "Returnable" in the wholesaler/distributor ordering system for 12 months. This is valuable to booksellers by assuring them credit for unsold bookstore copies. Ideal for authors if their books are primarily sold in bookstores, securing them more shelf space and in-store book signings.
  • Press Release Essential:  We can help get the word out about your book by sending a single-page press release to 100 targeted media outlets, including TV shows, radio, online publications, and more.
  • Print-Ready Marketing Materials Design File:  Need more marketing materials for your events? We’ll provide design support for up to 3 book events, so you can easily and conveniently take the files to your local printer. Choose from options such as signing posters, flyers, or announcement postcards, or send us your design instructions and sizes, and we’ll send you the hi-res, print-ready design files in 7 business days.

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