Black & White Image Insertion

$6.00 per Item

If you want to insert graphics in your book, including photos, tables, charts, diagrams, etc., please follow the guidelines below.

Submission Guidelines for inserting black and white graphics into the interior of your book:

  • All interior graphics (including photos, tables, charts, diagrams, drawings, foreign fonts, and anything else that is not text or would be considered a graphic) should be submitted as individual TIFF (.tif) files.
  • The publishing package you purchased will inform you of how many images you can have inserted for free. An additional fee will be charged for additional images over that limit.
  • The manuscript should identify placeholders for each of the interior graphics. Example: 'PLACE [IMAGE NAME] HERE' and please include photo captions.
  • All illustrations are produced in black and white or grayscale unless you purchased a colour book package. Then images will be produced in full-colour. At this time we cannot put colour images into black and white books.
  • The book cover does not "count" as a graphic. It is in full colour for no additional charge.

We are happy to insert your photographs or original artwork in your book, but we request that you follow these guidelines.

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or speak to a Balboa Press team member for more information about this service

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