Your Mind Flashlight: A User’s Guide

Take Control of Your Thoughts to Feel the Way You Want

by Stephanie Lambert

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 30/01/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 52
ISBN : 9781982218232

About the Book

Written for young people but useful to all ages, Your Mind Flashlight: A User’s Guide is an engagingly fun and powerfully useful guide to help those who read it understand and harness the power they have over their thoughts, their feelings, and their life. Using easy-to-understand concepts, age-appropriate examples and fun graphics, Your Mind Flashlight: A User’s Guide helps young people and the adults who love them understand the powerful connection between our thoughts and our feelings; and how our feelings direct us in making the many small and big choices we face daily. Help the young people in your life develop the tools to • take control over their thoughts, • take responsibility of their feelings, • strengthen their confidence, • build their resiliency, and • craft the life they want to live. There is no age limit to the short, simple, and effective messages and tools included in Your Mind Flashlight: A User’s Guide.

About the Author

Stephanie Lambert has been many things to many people, as most women and mothers are. Besides all the roles she plays as mom (referee, therapist, personal chef, gardener, tutor, housekeeper, chauffer…) she’s been a high school teacher, a life coach, an amateur drummer, a professional dog walker, a blogger and is the founder of The BOLD Moms, a movement focused on encouraging moms (and their kids) to live their lives in BOLD. And now, we can add author to this list. Stephanie lives in Redmond, Washington with her husband, her two sons and her chocolate German Shepherd, Lola. She loves walking her dog, reading a good book, improving her drumming game, brunching with girlfriends and anytime spent at Diamond Lake in Eastern Washington with her family.