A Light at the End of the Tunnel

Surviving A Grief Storm

by Sally Latimer

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 09/07/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 156
ISBN : 9781982226664

About the Book

From the beginning I always felt I didn’t belong. My own parents didn’t raise me, I felt unloved, unwanted, like it was my fault, the physical abuse, the sexual abuse, I thought everything was my fault, I didn’t feel worthy of love and I took that feeling into a 25 year marriage that ended in divorce. I still felt broken & unworthy of love, but the one thing I did promise myself was that when I had kids of my own they would never experienced what I went through. I had to be the one that broke a vicious cycle and I did it. Life’s began to look up for me, when I met my future husband on a blind date. Everything was so wonderful until March 7, 2014 when my world exploded into madness, my youngest son 35 was killed. My perfect world had fallen apart. I asked God “why him, why now?” Read how I found the resiliency to go on, I was heartbroken, how was I suppose to go on? How does any parent who loses a child move forward? I was much stronger than I ever thought I could be, but I survived and so can you.

About the Author

Sally enjoys life with her husband Thomas in Southern California with their combined family of 7 children & 19 grandchildren. She has shown great strength and resiliency having survived physical, mental and emotional abuse as well as sexual abuse as a child. She contributes her inner strength to her Spirituality and belief that she is a child of God and that God doesn’t make mistakes. Her main focus is her belief that every woman needs to believe that she is special and beautiful and is capable of surviving life, even when the worst things are thrown at her. If you would like to contact Sally about book signings or speaking engagements she can be contacted at SallyLatimer@aol.com