From Illusion to Illumination—Honoring Soul Whispers Within

by K. Michael Curcuru

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Language : English
Publication Date : 27/01/2017

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 164
ISBN : 9781504372893

About the Book

Foreword Heartlight This book will change your relationship with reality. K. Michael Curcuru bestows enlightenment in a book. What you hold in your hands doesn’t just have words about light. It conveys light. This book is a touchstone. Get into it. Let it wash over you. Read aloud the exquisite passages, and relish the sparkling energy that enfolds you. This is a new literary genre: stream-of-light-consciousness writing. When I began reading Heartlight, my recovering English teacher started sputtering, “Oh dear, that’s what he’s using as a verb?” Then the beauty and flow of the book moved me into a different way of being with it. Michael really does see the world as he’s written it here. He embodies radiant light. And this book imparts transformation just as Michael does—energetically speaking because Michael is that light. He has discovered a way of gifting an enlightened level of being to you by experiencing his book. Heartlight is an energetic field. Like a magnetic field realigns poles of iron filings, you will find yourself feeling lighter, expanded, and more open-hearted and self-loving when you spend time in this book. You will absorb this book at a subatomic level. Avoid seeking the sentence structure Newtonian method. Let your right brain fall in love with this book. Use the creative, fluid, random part of you that senses wholeness rather than constructs it. As you drop into this book, you may find yourself swept away, poised on the crest of a word wave. Awash in alluring alliteration, you ask, “From whence did I come?” You can find your way home, Dorothy, by remembering. Heartlight is about how to be the light in the Illusion; it is how to find the light, trust the light, and be cradled by the light. As Michael would say, “In-Joy!” Namaste, Phyllis Kirk, JD Quantum Lite Simplified: How to Calm the Chaos

About the Author

K. Michael Curcuru’s life plane encloakment of finite limited awareness began shift to Light Plane Consciousness of Infinite Union while attending The School of Visual Arts in New York. Veils of precedents of outsight gave yield to virtual principles of insight. Practice of engagement of cerebral thought paradigms transpired to Evolutionary Truths of intuitive, inspirational Direct Divine Insights. Timeless travel to Transcendent Light Energy Realms beyond set points of locality into Infinite Points of Eternity transpired as All and Oneness of Consciousness. An All and oneness of consciousness that carried Michael in compassionate caress of celestial at-one-ment of Experiential Beingness of Starlight and Love. A Starlight and Love as one with Michael’s Harmonic Energy Essence. A Harmonic Energy Essence of infinite attunement of opening doorways. Opening doorways that collapsed in exponential-existent-evolvementxperience of dimensions beyond energy, time, space. This Ascension Consciousness Awareness of expansion, contraction, collision of cosmic currency of collateral evolution was beyond the all of Reality. This total Michael’s boundary transcendence of all precepts of mind, perceptions of personality, imprisonment of scientific and religious nomenclatures gave way to a groundlessness of state of groundlessness of being Michael he calls “finding the door to infinity.” This accelerated-awareness-alignment occurs as the when the every-thing and the no-thing of you,, becomes one in Infinite Union which Michael now calls . Michael calls this Youniversal Younity. In this accelerated-awareness-alignment, the entrapment of assumptions, entanglements of conditions, entropies of false prophets (profits) of social class, parental paradigms and family rites and rituals of conformity shift from mattering more, to mattering less, to not mattering. In truth of consciousness the “IT” of condition(s) doesn’t matter. The IS of consciousness doesn’t matter. Even the IT IS of God doesn’t matter in matter of importance. IT just IS. And, just ISN’T. Michael’s Call to Truth trumpeted again at the U.S.C. School of Cinema in Los Angeles. He was challenged to “go beyond edge of knowing into abyss of unknown and thus flower and flourish”. Michael attending a rope climb event, came to adopt motto “I used to be different now I’m the same” as life modality. Studies at Centers for Spiritual Living enlivened his concepts of consciousness, softened concreteness of conditions, and was advent to “The Naked Practitioner.”