Pathway to Bliss

From Crisis to a New Reality

by Dr. Cecilia R. Chella Ed.D.

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 29/03/2019

Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 264
ISBN : 9781982221898

About the Book

Pathway to Bliss takes the reader on a journey from a darkness to light. Although women of divorce is discussed, the principles shared can be applied to anyone encountering any kind of crisis. By studying the patterns identified, we learn how to handle crisis with balance and control. In this way, we spare ourselves unnecessary pain and discomfort. The author opens the book with an in depth account of Sarah. Her innermost thoughts were telling, as she craftily maneuvered through life. To showcase her lessons and provide a rich comparison, we meet the women interviewed in the study. Their stories are compelling, as they tried to find their way from shear panic and danger, to comical antics. The book follows these women from the initial to the end phase of recovery. The Healing Continuum was created to measure their progress from pain and suffering to peace and contentment. One thing was apparent; many wasted an inordinate amount of time trying to recover. Thus, prescriptives are offered on how to reduce healing time. By realizing that crisis is inevitable, we are encouraged to prepare for it before it occurs. The question and answer section creates more learning for future use. By relating these exercises to one’s own situation, the reader can approach crisis with confidence. The purpose of this book is to act as a teaching tool for individuals experiencing crisis, or simply a guide to improve one’s attitude towards life. Thus, this book is humbly offered, with anticipation, to help the reader handle life’s challenges. For from the stories told arise the personal wisdom and insights which Sarah and the respondents learned. The hope is that their experiences will help others achieve a sense of inner peace and balance in their new reality.

About the Author

After 22 years in education, Dr. Chella received a Doctorate. The title of her study was “The Impact of Involuntary Divorce of Female Educators on Their Professional Performance.” She found the work to be therapeutic, as it mirrored her own life. She decided that no one should suffer unnecessarily and would do anything she could to secure that for others. Thus, this book. Dr. Chella’s greatest joy is spending time with her family,whom she loves dearly and is inspired by them daily. She loves life and has a broad network of friends. She has been called a “cock-eyed optimist” because of her positive outlook. She does this with meditation, organics and living in a way that respects our children and our planet. She has traveled extensively and enjoys the arts. She has a passion for antiques, gardening and nature. She strives for physical and spiritual wellness. Using her extensive educational and personal experience, she coaches others to find bliss regardless of what they encounter. For the Website Only: Dr. Chella knew one day she would write a book. She just didn't know what it would be about or when. Unbeknownst to her, her life experience would supply that answer. The only thing that she had to do was prepare herself educationally for a fully productive professional life. She received a Bachelor of Science which prepared her to become a Home Economics teacher. She received a Master of Arts to secure that position. After 15 years in the classroom, she served as a coordinator of a motivational program. This role inspired her to get another Master's degree in Administration (CAS). Gratifried by that experience, she then went on to receive her Doctorate in Education The topic for her dissertation, was “The Impact of Involuntary Divorce of Female Educators on Their Professional Performance”. She found the study to be very therapeutic as her study mirrored her own personal experience. For after a 20 year relationship, her marriage came to an abrupt halt. She found the symptoms her respondents in her study described were so similar to what she had experienced. She decided early on in the process of recovery that she did not want anyone else to suffer like she did for the length of time that she did. Thus the book, which she feels more than qualified to write. After the divorce, she jointly raised her daughter and son in the same house, in the same small town south of the city of Buffalo. She has traveled extensively, enjoys the arts and enjoys antiques and organic living. She prides herself in keeping in good shape both physically and spiritually. She has a broad network of friends and enjoys helping others. With her cohesive educational and personal expertise in place, she coaches others to return to bliss in their lives no matter what they encounter.