A Compliation of Obsecurities


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Language : English
Publication Date : 01/11/2012

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 52
ISBN : 9781452561325

About the Book

A Compilation of Obscurities is a collection of essays of philosophical relevance. Each essay is based upon a personal understanding and/or the use of reason to establish a conclusion that uncovers the covered.

Each essay seeks to prepare the mind to be induced to pursue the subject in further depth. They are written in such a manner to insure a full understanding and leave no doubt as to what is being expressed.

“The SmaragdineTable,” an essay by Hermes Trismegistis, is exceptional to the point of being remarkable in its effort to reveal how the world and its contents were created. The analysis of the Table offered emerged after an extraordinary amount of time, research, and effort was extended that instilled confidence of being Hermes’ message.

This essay and the analysis alone is awakening and magnetizing, leaving further curiosity to pursue the absence of the unknown.

About the Author

Trebor Onairtas was born of immigrants during the Great Depression. He was educated in the field of engineering and participated in the development of the Distant Early Warning Radar System, the first satellite to generate its own electrical power source, as well as the Talos Missile System. He holds many US patents related to power semiconductor products.

Married and father of two children, he lives in Allmauchy, New Jersey. He became interested in the arcane philosophies in the mid-1950s and has been studying various related philosophies ever since with extra special attention devoted to the Hermetic philosophy.

The desire to share the accumulated knowledge gleaned from years of study on this subject lead to the publication of this book