Life's Secret, The Gift

by Dale C. Leo

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Language : English
Publication Date : 27/10/2011

Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 176
ISBN : 9781452539485
Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 176
ISBN : 9781452539478

About the Book

  The true nature of your being, is the “Gift”, from within your good soul, your good spirit, connecting with your good thoughts. You will find that with this connection it will deny you nothing and gives you everything.


When the “Gift” within you that rests at the center of your being, and connects with the “Light” from the Infinite Power of the universe, little else matters.


When you discover to know of the true power that lies within, nothing is impossible.


When the “Gift of Light” ( your spirit and soul ) connects with the “Light” of the Universe, you will hear to believe there are no limits. There is no obstacle to strong for you to overcome, no disease your thought cannot delete, no situation that cannot be changed, no connecting relationship that cannot be found, no desire that cannot be made to manifest and come true. Know that the connecting powers are within you. All things are possible when you see with the inner vision.


“Wisdom is shared in the voice of vision”


The belief of knowing all is true awaits the eyes that see. It teaches that while physically being bound to earth, there is within us a spiritual power, a power of self, though which we are one connecting with the universe, it teaches to have focus, listen to the mind, and we will find our happiness. Making  a connection,  the vision will come with the narration, sharing the wisdom to perfection.


Every person on our earth has the gift.

Combined with knowledge and understanding, the Whispered Words of Wisdom will lead you to more wisdom, and you will then see what you could not see before.

From our Ancient Past; certain words in phrases were written in code, we say and use these phrases without knowing the true meaning behind them: You Will "find out" When You "open up your gift" It Came To You "just out of the blue" You Were "walking tall, with your head up in the sky" You Said "it's right on the money" "Remember what comes to you in the Whispering Words of Wisdom; you will hear the answers. It is then to recognize the opportunities that become present"

About the Author

Hello and thank you for your interest, My name is Dale C. Leo, I live in the United States of Illinois, in the northern suburbs of Chicago, my home town is a small community of Bensenville. I have a loving wife, married for 24 years, I have two children whom I am very proud of, and I give my heat felt love to my family, for giving me my silent time to write Life’s Secret, The Gift, to share with the World. I am a Tradesman always working hard to provide for my family and my enormous circle of friends, I have coached youth football and wrestling enjoying every moment giving to build confidence in children. I understand the meaning of life. I love to explore beyond physical and mental boundaries, sharing optimism and joy to life. The spirit of who I am connects with spiritual beliefs and philosophic standards, and I thrive on freedom and liberty. I walk through life high-spirited and openhearted, always seeking the truth in farsighted and goal-directed guidance. I have written Life’s Secret, The Gift to be like a candle in the dark, lighting the way to knowledge and wisdom. Opening up the gift inside of you, you will discover you are gifted in grasping general principles to your own connection.  I am a communicator and teacher. I discovered my natural ability to gain profound insight into scientific and the spiritual fields, the timing feels right to share in my mission to contribute and share the knowledge on to the world.  One of my strengths is that I achieve goals through the power of positive thinking. Carrying my happy-go-lucky, future-oriented nature has opened many doors for me, and sharing with what I know shall help you achieve your life’s desires. I am always there to help others in any way I can. In fact, I feel the need to be useful in order to be truly happy.  My Strengths to pass on to you are: Enthusiastic, ethical, fair, generous, idealistic, independent, optimistic, outgoing, spontaneous. Life’s Secret, The Gift is very versatile and can communicate across any generation gap. Contained in this book I share my life experiences from a small child growing up to the present time. Through my life I have always helped people in need, who have been searching for a better way. I have always been a teacher so to speak, a philosopher of life, giving all I know, from what I receive through my connecting thoughts, the gift we are all born with.

I'm a blue collar worker just like the majority of people, but for me I discovered the Gift early in life which has given me a happy life. In discovering the Gift, I was using it to build strength. The focus in my thoughts was to have strength to get through, jump over, go around all the obstacles I would face each day. As a tradesman working in the city of Chicago, I have never been laid off. I have survived through three very hard economic periods; the late seventies, the early nineties, and the most current past few years. You will discover the how and will attain your potential for your success from what you will read in this book.

I communicate with you, in sharing my true life stories. Everything you may have read, heard, and have seen from the fields of the mind, self help, and life improvement areas will be confirmed. Inside this book, you will make your higher connection; that will show you to your transformational shifts, and lead you to the life you have been searching for. As you search for your own happiness, it will be found, allowing new insights to come in and have a voice. Discovering your value, gives you a sense of security and growth. When discovering the connection to your higher power, you will realize you don't have to struggle as much to get what you want. As you open up to the gift, ideas, and energies flowing around you, you'll be happy to know; Great opportunities will arise as you explore your potential, and discover what best serves your endeavors. Entering into the connection with the universal mind, helps you align yourself with your higher purpose. Life's Secret, The Gift will be revealed to you, giving you, and leading you to great success, and life becomes much easier when you trust that the universe will take care of you.