The Golden Essence is YOU


by Marilyn Zschau Baars

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Language : English
Publication Date : 10/11/2011

Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 312
ISBN : 9781452501437
Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 312
ISBN : 9781452501413

About the Book

“We will give you the information which you can put into this book for others to read, information which will carry an energetic print, a blueprint of our energies, so that not only the reading of the book will be beneficial but holding the book will be beneficial because of the energies contained within the book from us that will emanate through the words on the pages. We will make sure that when the pages are printed that our energies are flowing into the paper, into the ink, into the words themselves, so that they will be able to be felt by all who hold the book in their hands and who read the material, information from us, information from the entire Angelic Realm, information from The Goddess, and information from The Creator of All There Is.” -The Archangels


“As the husband and partner of Marilyn Zschau Baars, I had the privilege of being the only witness to the birth of this material from The Archangels. The energy we received during the sessions was enormous, and now, fortunately, the energies of The Archangels are available for all human beings on our beautiful planet Earth through this magnificent book. Marilyn and I are now fulfilling our agreement with The Archangels, which is to bring the Archangelic healing energies to as many individuals as possible, in accessible form for all beings incarnate on this planet at this time. My wish for you is that you enjoy the experiences of Archangelic Wisdom contained within this book.” -Frans Baars, CHT, Co-Founder, Partner in Archangel Healing

THE GOLDEN ESSENCE IS YOU invites you into the hearts and minds of The Archangels as they lead you through meditations and visualizations aimed at raising your level of vibration toward the Fifth Dimension and beyond, all the while giving you major new perspectives on “What Is” and “NOW” TIME, among many other fascinating subjects. It is an exciting new look into the necessity of vibrating faster during the current turbulent state of the Earth, and in the coming years leading up to The Ascension.

All of the information contained within THE GOLDEN ESSENCE IS YOU helps in guiding the reader toward a higher vibrational level of existence, with the purpose of reaching the Higher Dimensions of advanced spiritual realms.


About the Author

ABOUT THE AUTHORS: “And know that we are who we say we are: WE ARE THE ARCHANGELS, ALL, and many more, unnamed, but truly existing. There are innumerable ones of us, and this may be difficult for many to believe because of the limitations placed by religious groups upon the naming and the numbering of so-called ‘Archangels’, but we assure you there are many, many, many more than anyone could ever count. We are Infinite and we are, in a sense, ONE.” ~The Archangels The Archangels have been communicating with Marilyn Zschau Baars for over twenty-five years. However, prior to 2003, she was a well-known operatic soprano under her professional name, Marilyn Zschau. She sang dramatic soprano roles for over thirty-five years all over the globe, on five of the seven continents, and in all of the major opera houses of the world. She began receiving and transmitting messages from The Archangels publicly in October 2008, and they began giving her the material for this book on December 23, 2009. She is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist specializing in Past Life Regression Therapy. She and her husband, Frans Baars, founded and are Co-Directors of Archangel Healing, and together they transmit healing energies and messages from the Archangels to their clients. Marilyn and Frans Baars live in Oakland, California, and enjoy outings to Mt. Shasta, San Francisco, and Monterey, as well as walks in the wooded hills behind their home. They have an office in downtown Oakland, and welcome all those who desire to connect to the Archangels to contact them at