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Awaken the Author Within

With writing there are struggles. And sometimes it's easy to get lost in the struggles, whether you can't find the time, have a bad case of writer's block or are simply unsure how to start writing. It's important for an author to push through these occasional road blocks and reach their ultimate goal.

5 Writing Mistakes That Are Easy to Fix

Before another pair of eyes reads through your manuscript, proofread it yourself for technical writing errors. Specifically, there are five mistakes almost every writer makes that you can fix before your book hits the editing process.

Creating Healthy Writing Habits

Writing a book is a big goal. To reach the point where you have a fully prepared manuscript that’s ready for publication, there are many smaller, less exciting goals you’ll have to achieve along the way. From collecting materials and meeting word-count goals, to organizing chapters and editing every sentence — there’s much to be done.

Discover Your Inner Author

Perhaps you keep a journal or a blog; maybe you teach classes or advise others; you may even have a special gift or talent. No matter how you express yourself in your life, writing and publishing a book can be a powerful way to share your vision and inspire others.

Book Ideas to Get Started

Coming up with an idea for a book is one thing; articulating it is another. Maybe there is a general area of self-help that you would like to focus on, or perhaps you're deciding between several ideas for your book. Here are three rules to help you narrow down the topics and get you started ...

Nancy Levin: Writing for Her Life

Nancy Levin, event director at Hay House and author of Writing for My Life... Reclaiming the Lost Pieces of Me, discusses how she came to realize that her words could resonate with others and encourages others to share their voice with the world.

Overcome Writer's Block

If you're stuck and staring at a blank page, don't worry: you're not alone. Even some of the best-selling novelists struggle when it comes to beginning a book. Writer's block typically hits once you sit down to start writing. Your brain just freezes and you end up staring at the blinking cursor. You really want to write, but you aren't quite sure where to begin. Don't let your frustration get the best of you.

Editing Your Book

Finding a typo or grammatical error in a book is never good. It will probably make you question the credibility of the editor of the book, the publisher and ultimately the author. Now, turn the tables. Put yourself in the role of the author where someone was turned off from your book because of an editing error. How would that make you feel? What if the person actually stopped reading because of errors? That is certainly a situation you want to avoid.

Finishing Your Manuscript

Sometimes that blinking cursor on your white page is so rude. He never goes away, never sleeps and follows your every word. You know how annoying he is, especially when you are trying to work hard on your manuscript. How can you overcome the desire to turn off your computer and leave the cursor and your manuscript unfinished? By following these five simple tips you can finish your manuscript and begin reaching your publishing dreams.

The Importance of Drafting

Often we like to think of writers the way we see them in movies—sitting alone in a room with a typewriter, fervently typing chapter after chapter until a stack of perfect pages sits pristinely on the desk. The writer leans back in the chair, maybe letting out a sigh of relief and satisfaction. There it is—a finished book ready to be published and read by everyone. Unfortunately for real-life writers, the writing process just doesn’t look like that.

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