Divine Feminine Handbook

Self-Reliance In a Changing World

by Marilyn Pabon

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Language : English
Publication Date : 10/17/2021

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 294
ISBN : 9781982275112
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 294
ISBN : 9781982275129

About the Book

Divine Feminine self-reliance is more than being self-sufficient. It means not clinging to people. It means not making life harder for others than it already is. For the most part, it’s an attitude, and it’s one that will serve you well no matter the circumstances in which you find yourself. You probably know someone who lives on their own terms, with an independent attitude and a determination to take care of their own needs, they are accountable for themselves. The shift to taking responsibility for our lives is vital to transforming our life into one of Divine Feminine self-reliance. No matter what challenges we face we must learn to save ourselves. Do not wait for someone else to come along (the proverbial white knight). Do not buy into the old story that someone else can take better care of you than you can. Your Divine Feminine Power is all about being self-reliant. When we think of self-reliance, sometimes we think of everything being on our shoulders. That’s not the case. Being self-reliant and independent doesn’t mean you have to be alone, it is being responsible for your life and taking the lead when it comes to planning, making decisions, and taking action. It’s about you taking the initiative and making certain things get done in a manner that is in your best interest. This book will encourage and teach you to embrace a more self-reliant Divine Feminine mindset, one small step at a time in many areas of your life. Your Divine Feminine energy, power and intelligence to do so, is your wise soul’s gift to yourself, and the planet.

About the Author

Marilyn Pabon has a keen insight and understanding of the physical and spiritual aspects of being a woman. She spent over 20 years researching and practicing holistic nutrition, energy healing and all things related to natural wellness. She has always been a spiritual seeker, very intuitive, and has the gift of a very thin veil between this world and the spirit world. While studying Shamanism and learning the first Shaman were women, led her to learn all she could about the history of women to include prehistoric women. During this research she had an awakening as to the divinity of women, especially the ancient divine feminine who began the world and how their energy has returned to the earth to bring balance and healing to the world. This knowledge, research, and training over the years came to a full circle of understanding the big beautiful picture of the purpose of modern divine feminine women. Marilyn’s mission is to empower women to find the path back to their souls and their divinity by guiding them toward self-love and inner transformation. She has written a four-book series “Divine Feminine Handbook” to teach women their divine history, who they really are, their specialness, how to love themselves, have self-confidence, carry themselves like a goddess, care for their physical temples and be self-reliant. Marilyn is a California native currently living in Utah’s beautiful red rock country at the gateway to Zion National Park with her husband and daughter. For more information about her work and books, visit: www.marilynpabon.com