A Rite of Passage II

by W. Bell

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Language : English
Publication Date : 1/4/2021

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 68
ISBN : 9781982259129
Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 68
ISBN : 9781982259112

About the Book

Preparation meets character in these prose driven, structured verses. A Rite of Passage II, is a landmark undertaking, capsulizing the uniqueness and genius of our story. Dependent upon his love for leadership, W. Bell takes the reader on a brief trip, continuing where the first book finishes. Reminding personalities of highs and lows in the society that capture the imagination. Divulging evidence of the first book’s precedence, this take is for persons of aspiring intrigue. Enrapturing stasis and combining elemental truth, the trek pictures persons. We catch dismemberment, disassociation, and disbelief in our sojourn towards oneness. Not capitulation, or impropriety, these testaments relive a struggle born deep within actualization. Competence guides, and perpetuity can commence as a result of prodigious decision making. Letting our conscience be a guide, and formidable ranks a resolve, testing countenance of its affects. Breeding opportunity in resultants transferred of the author’s plights, the lesson is found in comedic overture and tragic nuance. To say the least, power is passed befuddling frustration’s archetype of disagreement and dis-service. The information to enliven; believability’s icon before the token. Enlisting preference prevails and religiosity ensues. Routine references to persona are not griped with and jovial epithets can be worshipped. Determining promise in this issue may be difficult, but the knowledge granted is worth accessibility.

About the Author

W. Bell grew up in Newark, New Jersey. He is the son of Willie Bell and Cynthia Bell. They resided in a home there. We believed in education of individuals and systemic maintenance of the person. Individuals meaning people dedicated to the enrichment of the whole. The whole society as a plausible reality that besets inconsistencies. Passion meets persistence and virtue is not inaccessible. W. Bell went to parochial grammar school. It taught the value of the person and instilled possibility through empowerment. Enstooling greatness was an intricate facet of the institution. Daily preparation of our psychological pallets was made possible by hour long meetings in the morning. They sought our secrets and married our souls. In the sense that the learning provided stature and sense. Truth be told, W. Bell admired the teachers and appreciated the students. For all that is said, he appeared drawn and discomforted, but cared for his colleagues. He believes in the potentiality of persons and stewardship of the credible. During high school, management and religion took particular interest. Giving presentations and announcements were fulfilling. While acknowledging the acuity of the intellect and pursuit of dreams, the idea of communicating with others was a real gift. Judging perception and creativity became tantamount. Shooing right and deterring wrong can become oxymoronic, but all and all W. Bell overcame. The bedeviling nature of happenings is upon us and through our communications we give direction. Purpose speaks and poetry gives us an underlying understanding. Since remembrance, the best years, the college years, are resolute and awesome. W. Bell, an author, appreciates his audience and cares for humanity.