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Imagine yourself setting out on a nature hike, but you don’t have a map. You start walking in a direction you think will take you to the top of the mountain, but you aren’t quite sure. Along the way, you may question if you’re headed in the right direction or if you’re just going in circles. At times, publishing a book can feel just like that nature hike. Where do you turn for guidance? Who will help you along the way?

If you feel like that, then it’s time to consider publishing with Balboa Press. Our goal is to take the worry and frustration out of publishing a book and instead provide you with a smooth path full of help along the way. Consider us your map that helps you take your idea and turn it into a book you can be proud of for a lifetime.

When you publish with Balboa Press you can expect to take five main steps to reach your destination. Read on to learn more about our publishing path.

1. Envision the Mountain Top

With mountain climbing, the climber must be able to envision the summit before he or she even begins the trek. Publishing a book is the same in that you must have a vision of the summit you want to reach with your book. What is your goal for publishing? Perhaps you have a vision of getting picked up by a traditional publisher. Or maybe you just want to share a book with family and friends and prove to yourself that you can be an author. No matter where you’re headed we can help you get there, but you have to know what your personal mountain top is.

Defining your end destination before you even begin your publishing journey will help you eliminate distractions along the way and bring you more success as an author. If you need help defining your mountain top, our publishing consultants are ready to answer any questions you may have and help you start out on the right path.

2. Choose the Right Map

Just like a map is a guide to a trip, the publishing package you choose will be a guide to your publishing journey. Our five Core Packages and three Colour Packages provide you with flexibility and service options to fit any goals and budget.

Take some time to review all our publishing packages. Consider which ones have the services you know are essential to your book and will bring you the most success as an author. Keep in mind that our extensive service store allows you to purchase additional editorial, design and marketing services later as needed. As always, if you have any questions regarding our packages, talk with your publishing consultant. Once you have purchased a publishing package, you are ready to take the next step.

3. Check In and Head Out

Once you’re ready, you can embark on your publishing journey by submitting your book materials to us. This will begin the process of creating your book. You will be matched up with an expert author support team who will work with you to ensure all your materials are submitted properly through our online system. We specifically employ check-in-coordinators who walk you step-by-step through the submission process. Their job is to make sure all the details of your manuscript are correct and guide you through the initial setup of your first galley proof.

4. Lead the Way

Every expedition needs a team leader; the person others look to for direction and guidance on the trail. During your book publishing process you are always the team leader, deciding what is best for your book. You have the opportunity to take advantage of our advanced publishing knowledge and experience, while remaining in control of the production of your book.

Our professional producers are trained to know the publishing industry and ensure your book meets industry standards while still listening to your vision. We ensure that your ideas are translated how you want them to be in your book so you can rest assured that you will receive the book you always imagined.

5. Reach Your Destination

You know the point of the hike when your legs are burning, your breath is short and you don’t think you can take one more step. Then, you see the mountaintop ahead and you get that extra burst of energy to take you there. It’s similar in your publishing journey when you reach the last step – you see your published book ahead and you push forward to finally approve and publish your book.

After you’ve had time to review every aspect of your book and make changes, your book will be submitted for publication and you will finally be a published author. Imagine the wonderful feeling of holding your own book in your hands for the first time.

However, if you want to sell copies of your book, this is no time to rest. It’s time for you to launch any marketing efforts for your book and start generating revenue. When you publish with Balboa Press you can trust that you are publishing with a solid brand that will give you a high-quality product you can be proud of.

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