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Why Self-Publishing

Getting your book from an idea into print can be one of the most exciting processes of your life. Somewhere along your writing process you will begin to consider how you will get your book into print and begin to weigh your two main options, traditional publishing or self-publishing.

Find the Courage to Publish

There are hundreds of things in life that take courage. Skydiving, starting a business, marriage, rappelling down a mountain, ending a relationship, saying no – usually the scary things that may cause a big change in your life. However, when you go through something that takes a lot of courage do you look back and regret it? Perhaps sometimes, but usually the things that take the most courage also give the biggest reward.

Publish Self-Help Books

You have coaching, motivation and affirmations to share, and it's up to you to get your messages out to help and empower others. Self-help book publishing may be intimidating at first, but with your determination and a little help from Balboa Press, you can publish your self-help book and reach your goals.

Your Publishing Path

Imagine yourself setting out on a nature hike, but you don’t have a map. You start walking in a direction you think will take you to the top of the mountain, but you aren’t quite sure. Along the way, you may question if you’re headed in the right direction or if you’re just going in circles.

The Publishing Revolution

First there were independent films. Then music listeners wanted to make their own music under their own labels and we had independent music. But what about authors? They were left with difficult do-it-yourself publishing or vanity presses that didn’t give the professional edge most authors were looking for.

Balboa Press Advantages

It is your creativity, your ambition and your heart that will change the world for the better — our publishing company can help you reach your goals. By choosing to publish with Balboa Press, you not only align yourself with a publisher that shares your values, but you also receive benefits you won't find with any other self-publishing companies.

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