Finding Peace is my Revenge

Hope is my guiding Light

by Irene Ceder Rogers

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 9/05/2017

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 214
ISBN : 9781504365376

About the Book

The engine that powered this book was from Irene’s personal experiences as a child who survived the WW II - Holocaust. Irene’s story continuously evolves in a variety of places and adds mystery to this adventure. She and her husband joined a Canadian Elder Treck tour. They undertake a fantastic adventure trip on challenging roads that very few westerners had experienced. They traveled on the Silk Road, Karakoram Highway the highest paved road through Pakistan, Kyrgyztan, and Kashgar China and eventually reaching Uzbekistan the destination where her parents and sister died. After 52 years, Irene’s desire was to visit and find her parents’ and little sister burial place in Andijan Uzbekistan. She lived in hardship but in a friendly Muslim Uzbek environment. In 1998, she continued her search to resolve her feelings of longing to dedicate her parent’s and her little sister’s death. Irene’s strength is survival.

About the Author

Born in Warsaw, Poland, Irene and her family in 1939-40 escaped from the Nazi Regime to Soviet Ukraine later to Andijan Uzbekistan. In Irene’s chronicles is her story of growing up during the struggles that she faced along the way, and beyond. Irene tragically lost her parents and little sister. A teenager sister saves her from illness. Spent several years in orphanages in Uzbekistan and back in Poland. Eventually she immigrated to Israel, and studied nursing while in the army. In 1959, she traveled on a Nurses Association Exchange Visa to New York where she worked as a surgical nurse in the operating room. She got married, moves away from New York, to Berea Ohio, and finally settling in Northbrook, Illinois. She is blessed with four children and nine grandchildren. Irene’s wish is peace and justice. She dedicates her life to that goal.