2012 Hay House Writing Contest - Hay House Visions Fiction

2012 Hay House Writing Contest Winners

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Hay House Writing Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners and finalists of the 2012 Hay House Visions writing contest.

Hay House Visions, the new fiction publishing division of Hay House, teamed up with Balboa Press for the first-ever Hay House Visions Fiction Writing Contest. It was a joy to ready your stories and a challenge to choose the winners. From 30 finalists, the following three winners have been selected:

  • Hay House Writing Contest Grand Prize Winner

Timewatch by Linda A Grant

Linda will receive a Hay House Visions publishing contract and a $5,000 advance!

  • Hay House Writing Contest 1st Place Winner

Pitch by Matthew Krause

Matthew will receive a free Balboa Press Discover publishing package, a video press release and a Hay House Radio Interview.

  • Hay House Writing Contest 2nd Place Winner

Breathing in the Moon by Charlene Nevill

Charlene will receive a free Connect publishing package from Balboa Press.

25% Discount for Finalists

Each remaining finalists has won a 25 percent discount off top Balboa Press publishing packages.*

Congratulations to all of you, and thanks so much to everyone who participated.

  • The Far End of the Room by Joe Cummings
  • Monarch Butterflies by DeWitt J Lobrano
  • You Were My Mother by Margaret A Spinella
  • In Dark Covenant by J E Deegan
  • If Wishes …  by Jill Virginia Kneer
  • The Last King of Aeria by Lisa Starger
  • Faith by Lynn A Harmon
  • Ploughed Fields of Indiana by Aimee Vitrak
  • The Old Man in the Woods by Dorothy M Urbanek
  • The Inevitable Sun by Michael Hahm
  • Becoming Truett Skye by Adrea L Peters
  • The Deformed Wing Syndrome by Holly Hunt
  • Passing the Sword by Kay Michell
  • The Gift of the Goddess by Merav Richter
  • Letters to My Past by T S Teller
  • Little One by Albert Abdulky
  • Marwa by L S Bassen
  • The Path of Needles and Pins by Victoria E Anderson
  • Frances O’Conner: On the Fly by Wendy Clawsey
  • Light Hearted Pieces by Cari Kamm
  • Spirit Rider by Grace Carruthers
  • Moon Crystals by Tracy Squire
  • The Ghosting of Gods by Gina Baker
  • In the Shadows of Sins by Donna M. Kendall
  • The Stolen Dead by Donna G. Sutherland
  • The Universal Pattern by Edwin Evan Cadiz
  • The Shoe in the Garden by Eleanor Margaret Glenn

To learn more about our prizes, read our official contest rules.

* Eligible packages include the following: ConnectDiscoverInspireEmpower and Master.