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Why Choose Self-Publishing?

Getting your book from an idea into print can be one of the most exciting processes of your life. Somewhere along your writing process you will begin to consider how you will get your book into print and begin to weigh your two main options, traditional publishing or self-publishing.

Since Balboa Press is a division of Hay House, it would be unfortunate to continue talking about self-publishing without mentioning Louise Hay's journey with self-publishing and the rise of Hay House from humble roots. Louise Hay founded Hay House in 1984 as a way to self-publish her first two books which eventually went on to sell over 35 million copies worldwide. Today, Hay House is a full-scale traditional publishing company, but Louise never forgot her self-publishing roots and therefore decided to create Balboa Press to give more authors the chance to publish self-help and transformational books.

You may be thinking that self-publishing worked for Louise Hay, but why is it a good option for me? That's a good question and one you need to consider during your publishing journey. Here are a few reasons why you should choose self-publishing for your book

Avoid rejection from literary agents and traditional publishers.

In order to have a traditional publisher consider your book, you must hire a literary agent. The agent will then try to sell your book to publishers. Unsolicited manuscripts are not accepted by most traditional publishers and often end up in the slush pile. As a supported self-publisher, Balboa Press does not have a slush pile. You simply consult with your publishing consultant and then purchase your publishing package.

You have full control over the content and rights to your book.

Unlike a traditional publisher, Balboa Press will never buy the rights to your book. The rights remain yours throughout the entire publishing process so you are free to pursue other options with your book. Since you own the rights to your book, you also have ultimate control over what happens to your book throughout the editing and marketing stages. Nothing is changed in your book without your say.

Speed to market.

When you publish with a traditional publisher it can take months, even years to see your book in the marketplace. Additionally, by the time your book makes it to market it may look very different than the manuscript you submitted. Not so with Balboa Press. Books move very quickly through the publishing process and because we use Print-On-Demand technology, books are printed when they are ordered and immediately shipped out. You never have to wait for an inventory of books to be printed for you.

Self-publishing is an excellent option for any author ready to see their name across the cover of a book. Take a moment to learn more about the advantages of publishing with Balboa Press, or if you're ready to be like Louise Hay and start your own self-publishing journey, register with Balboa Press and start charting your own destiny in the publishing world.

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