Self-publishing Worksheet

It's All About You and Your BOOK

In your life, you found a discovered passion for writing and wrote a manuscript. Balboa Press wants to know all about it. When was the moment you started putting pen to paper? Why did you decide to start writing? We want to know it all, and answering these questions lets Balboa Press know the best way to kick-start your publishing journey.

Finish your worksheet before you speak with your publishing consultant.

Donna Schwenk

“It was so wonderful because, when you don't know what you're doing, you have people that you publish with at Balboa who are professionals—who are good at what they do. And I would highly recommend that because of the care and the attention to detail that you get.”

- Donna Schwenk, author of Cultured Food for Life

Gerry Gavin

“Balboa Press was great, especially when you're a first-time author, because they walk you through everything step by step — they really take you by the hand to let you understand the timing and the process.”

- Gerry Gavin, author of Messages from Margaret

Carolyn Green

“I want to thank all the wonderful, supportive, caring and versed professionals at Balboa. My dream has come to fruition this week. I am proud to be associated with Balboa, and all the wonderful people who encompass you.”

- Carolyn Green, author of Getting to Know YOU

Brooke Hampton

“You have such a great team up at Balboa Press. I have been so impressed with everyone I've had the opportunity to work with. You guys are wonderful and I am so grateful to you for making my dream come true.”

- Brooke Hampton, author of Enchanted Cedar