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Five Reasons to Go Digital

The rise of social media, smart phones, e-mails and blogging prove that the world is becoming more and more digital. While the traditional form of paper books holds strong with book-lovers who appreciate the nostalgia of tangible books, many readers are making the switch to electronic books, or e-books. Likewise, many authors are making the decision to publish e-books alongside traditional paper copies of their books; some even publish their book solely in the electronic world.

In this increasingly-electronic era, publishing an e-book is a smart choice. Many readers are turning to e-readers, like the Kindle, Nook and Sony’s Digital Reader, to build their library. E-books can also be read on computers, iPads and smart phones. Publishing an e-book gives you the following advantages in the marketplace

1. Stay Competitive

The old saying goes “keep up or fall behind.” The publishing industry and consumers are moving into the digital world. Those who don’t move with the trend run the risk of losing relevancy with readers. Staying on the cusp of technology gives you the competitive edge to relate with readers who need to hear your message.

2. Meet Readers' Demands

E-readers, like the Kindle, Nook, iPad and Sony’s Digital Reader, are selling fast for good reasons. They are completely portable, giving readers the freedom to read wherever their lives may take them. These devices can hold thousands of books. They’re small, light and easily held, making them more convenient than traditional books. Publishing an e-book gives readers the option to read your book on their favorite new e-reading device.

3. Reach More People

You can reach more readers on more devices with professional e-book distribution available with Balboa Press. We provide a range of channels to help you distribute your e-book, such as, and Sony’s eBook Store.

4. Be More Effective

Publishing your manuscript in an e-book can help your inspire more people, faster. E-books can be ready for purchase in online stores quicker than in traditional bookstores. Your potential audience can download books from online stores faster than making the trip to the traditional bookstore down their street, or ordering online. E-books are also cheaper to produce than traditional books. The savings will be passed along to potential readers. With a less-expensive electronic form of your book, your audience will have another incentive to purchase your book.

5. Stay Professional

Give readers a professionally formatted e-book. Balboa Press offers formatting services which many free e-book publishers do not. Publishing an e-book can help gain credibility for you and your book by staying current with the industry and reader’s trends.

As many authors already know, the benefits of publishing your book as an e-book are vast. It is important to keep up with the changing industry to be successful in making an impact as an author. There is no better way to reach your goals as an author than to master the future of the publishing industry.

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