2-Week Online Book Launch Campaign

Now that every reader and bookseller are in the digital landscape, don’t miss the chance to introduce your book to them through your very own online campaign.

The Online Book Launch service is a short, introductory campaign on three of the most popular and active sites out there for authors: Amazon, Facebook, and Google. Each separate campaign will be two weeks long with a guarantee of 100,000 impressions.

This introductory campaign is a strategic combination of the following:

  • A 2-week Facebook Ad Campaign
    • We will run an image ad of your book on Facebook and Instagram’s news feeds. Note: Instagram ads appear on mobile only. 
    A 2-week Amazon Ad Campaign
    • We will run a banner ad of your book on Amazon.
  • A 2-week Google Ad Campaign
    • We will send your ad to Google websites and partner-websites on the Google Display Network.

Note: The ads will not run simultaneously on these 3 platforms. These platforms retain the right to decline to show ads based on their own policies and practices.