E-book Publishing


Books in an electronic format, also called e-books, are quickly becoming a popular way for readers to read books. With our E-book Publishing, your e-book can be downloaded onto an electronic reading device, such as the Amazon Kindle. These devices are portable reading devices that allow readers access to thousands of books, blogs, newspapers and magazines on a screen that reads just like a real book. Once your book is published, it will be formatted as an e-book so you can reach even more readers. Your readers can take your book with them wherever they go without having to carry a physical copy of your book. In addition to the wider audience you can reach with this service, you will also receive royalties on each e-book sold.

Currently, our E-book Publishing is compatible with the following devices: Amazon Kindle, the Sony Reader, the Barnes & Noble eReader, Nook, Google Play Books, iBooks Store*, and Kobo Books.

Please note:

  •   ePub files cannot be created from PDFs. To create a market ready ePub file, Balboa Press must have the source file in a Microsoft Word or Adobe InDesign file.
  •   The file size of a color book is too large to be placed in the e-book format. Therefore, Balboa Press can only publish black and white books in the ebook format.
  •   We will make every reasonable effort to make the formatting of the ePub edition reflect the format of the print edition; however, some design elements are not supported in the ePub format. Balboa Press is not responsible for making changes to the design of the ePub edition.
  •   You can sign up for this service by selecting one of the publishing packages that includes it. This service is not available as an add-on to other packages or for previously published books.

Disclaimer: Press Ready Files, color books, or designed interior file sizes larger than 10 MB are ineligible for this service.

*Apple reserves the right to accept or deny content for availability on the iBooks Store.

* To meet submission standards, please review your manuscript thoroughly to ensure spelling accuracy and correct rendering of any diacritical mark such as tilde, caret, acute accent, or the like.

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or speak to a Balboa Press team member for more information about this service

Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Prices listed do not include any applicable sales, use, excise, value-added, goods and services, or other tax, which will be added to the total at the time of purchase. Other restrictions may also apply.