A Conversation about ... The Eternal Life of Stuff

Two friends reflect on their journey through life collecting stuff and finding meaning in it all.

by Becky Civjan & Tony Nauroth

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Language : English
Publication Date : 5/20/2024

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 198
ISBN : 9798765251850
Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 198
ISBN : 9798765251843

About the Book

Imagine sitting in a cafe, sharing a running conversation with a good friend about all the wonderful things life has brought to your table. You’re probably also sharing a piece of freshly baked apple pie as you discuss this book that both of you have just finished reading. All the stuff in your life that you’ve been holding onto becomes part of the conversation. Collections of comic books, closets filled with long-forgotten but still-loved stuff, and even the rock collection in the back of your sock drawer comes alive through the stories that “The Eternal Life of Stuff” hands to you. Where has all your stuff gone? Did you give it to charity or sell it at a yard sale? Maybe you simply lost it. All this is what this book is about. Even more, it illuminates something of greater value than the things you’ve collected. This book shines the bright light of conversation into the sometimes-dim corners of memory. “The Eternal Life of Stuff” – sometimes sad, but mostly uplifting and full of humor – is about experiencing the energy of memory. During a lull in this cafe conversation, your friend asks, “Please pass the sugar?” You happily comply, and as you do, your hands briefly touch. Yet, it is enough, and your conversation continues. This book is that sweet. You both get up to leave, and the conversation lingers in your memories, adding a beautiful layer of depth and meaning to your friendship. This is the really good stuff that binds you together. It is the stuff that reminds you what is important and what is not; the stuff that lives, not just in the hearts of these two imagined friends, but in all hearts – eternally.

About the Author

Tony Nauroth grew up living in a tent in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. His mother, a professional storyteller, regaled her children with stories around a campfire every night. Tony graduated from the State University of New York with a BS in Liberal Arts. He still doesn’t know what that means. In 1975, at the age of 25, he joined the Army, serving 20 years as a military journalist in several U.S. states, and overseas with the “Stars and Stripes” newspaper. He was only shot at once – in Bolivia. They missed. Tony retired as a Master Sergeant and lives in Hellertown, Pa. with his wife. He plays guitar in a rock band and is writing a six-volume memoir about his military life called “An Accidental Soldier.” He met co-author Becky Civjan at a memoir group meeting and fell in love with the way she thinks.

Becky Civjan and her husband reside in Florida. She is the mother of three and proud grandmother of five, all incredibly successful people. She takes no credit. Always the optimist and known for her high energy, wit, and good humor so obvious in her writing; she is a free spirit. She speaks and writes in exclamation points and connects her thoughts with dots. Writing is her passion. She loves to exercise and strives to keep everyone around her healthy. If you are standing still, she will take you for a walk. She thinks learning is exhilarating and is always in class. She drags her poor husband along kicking and screaming, but he admits it makes life fun. Becky truly feels she is the victim of good luck, having the most extraordinary people as friends and family. She is deeply thankful for all that life has brought.