by Mary Terterov

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Language : English
Publication Date : 4/8/2024

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 72
ISBN : 9798765250013
Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 72
ISBN : 9798765250020

About the Book

This poetry collection is the story about a heroine’s journey. The road back to identity. Separation, initiation and return to self. The sinister price we pay for becoming estranged with our own inner world. It is a reflection on the urgency for reconciliation with self, for the entrapment does not have to be eternal. In these pages, you will find the full spectrum of emotions that the human body and mind are capable of experiencing …passion, rhapsody, euphoria, rage, courage, hope, fury and an awestruck revelation…THAT OUR VISIBILITY IS NOT NEGOTIABLE.

Using the Socratic method in her poetry to question the world around us and thereby curating a more intentional life, Mary walks readers through self-reflective questions: What happens when people create a world we did not want … when they penetrate our minds & hearts? What if we have achieved everything we set out to do but it has come at great sacrifice to our souls? What if we freed ourselves but didn’t realize how far we could truly take that freedom?

Fearless Dimensions

Her heart dances inside of mine
The truth slips off her tongue fearlessly
She lives deliberately in her own dimension
And if I’m lucky enough, she might look in my direction

Under Siege



They Said.

My body was under siege,
But even worse…
My brain was under social surrender


My Scheming Savior

My Savior told me to get an education
But all he really wanted was an extravagant, wingless bird

My Savior told me I could walk on my own
But then he gently kicked a wheelchair to my knees

My Savior told me to open my big brown eyes
But then he delicately blindfolded me
With his soft, nimble fingers

He reached in and took my soul
Because clearly my soul was for the taking.


Not Yours

My body is not your ship
to anchor and sail at your leisure.

My mind is not your possession
to buy and sell.

My soul is not your toy
to fiddle with and break.


Foreign Country

Interacting with you
feels like being a foreigner in my own country.



I crowned myself
And hosted my own opulent coronation.

The most important people were invited…
Me, &

About the Author

MARY TERTEROV is a true Cali girl who loves to write poetry, novellas and short stories under the golden sun. With a Juris Doctorate degree and experience in criminal and civil

litigation, this mama of three is an attorney gone rogue. Mary loves to compete in amateur Latin ballroom competitions, train for marathons and is the ultimate classical literature junkie. She also hosts an online blog featuring short articles focused on the human condition and the friction between our internal and external desires.

Find her at:

Follow her on IG: mary_Terterov