Narcissism Has No Face

by Sue Barker

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Language : English
Publication Date : 9/8/2023

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 230
ISBN : 9798765244562
Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 230
ISBN : 9798765244579

About the Book

Narcissism has recently become a household topic. It seems as though everyone know someone that can be called a narcissist. But do they really understand what narcissism is? Discover the truth behind the mask in "Narcissism Has No Face." Unveiling the captivating depths of narcissistic behaviour, this book takes you on a journey of understanding, healing, and empowerment. Dive into the intricacies of human psychology as you navigate the complexities of narcissism, unravelling its impact on relationships, self-worth, and personal growth. With profound insights and practical guidance, "Narcissism Has No Face" offers a beacon of hope for those seeking to break free from the chains of narcissistic influence. Step into a world of self-discovery and reclaim your authentic self. With engaging stories, expert analysis, and practical wisdom, you'll learn to navigate narcissistic relationships, recognize the signs, and set healthy boundaries. Empower yourself with knowledge, healing, and personal growth. Remember, "Narcissism Has No Face" is a guide, not a diagnostic tool. Seek professional guidance for personalized support. Please note that ongoing research is continually expanding our understanding of this topic. The information presented in "Narcissism Has No Face" is not intended for diagnostic purposes but rather as a comprehensive guide to comprehending the intricacies of personality disorders and their impact on our daily lives. This book serves as a valuable resource to enhance your understanding, foster self-awareness, and navigate the complexities of these disorders in a meaningful way. Always consult qualified professionals for personalized guidance and diagnosis.

About the Author

I am Susan Sylvester-Barker, affectionately called Sue Barker by my clients, colleagues, and followers. At the age of 60, I have an unwavering passion for life and immeasurable gratitude for my journey thus far. I grew up in a middle-class neighbourhood in the tropical islands of Trinidad and Tobago. My educational journey began at Mucurapo Girl’s Roman Catholic School, laying the foundation for my academic pursuits. After completing my primary schooling, I attended two consecutive secondary schools to continue my education. Subsequently, I pursued studies in various tertiary and career-oriented organizations, earning certificates and awards in the fields of marketing and finance. Throughout my adult life, I have been fortunate to have opportunities that allowed me to work and further, my education, providing invaluable experiences and fostering personal and professional growth. For the past twenty-six years, I have had the privilege of being a part of the finance industry. Currently, I serve as an Insurance Advisor with an American-based insurance company operating in Trinidad and Tobago. Additionally, I am the President and Founder of the Trinidad and Tobago Narcissistic Awareness and Healing (TTNAWH) Foundation, an NGO that raises awareness and provides support for victims of narcissistic abuse. Five years ago, at the age of fifty-five, I found myself entangled in a perplexing situation with an individual exhibiting the traits of a narcissist. It was an emotionally draining experience that left me feeling betrayed and embarrassed. However, through extensive research, self-awareness, and education on narcissism, I was able to rise above the entanglement, empowered and equipped to share my findings with others who may be on a similar journey. Education and awareness about narcissism are critical on this journey because this is what guarantees liberation from this type of abuse. My thirst for knowledge and the ability to share it with the least suspecting continues up to this day. I have become an avid psychology enthusiast and am currently pursuing a degree in the subject at Saylor Academy. Exploring the intricate workings of the human brain’s neurological processes has intrigued me. I am also pursuing further studies in finance at The American College, ensuring that I stay well-versed in the ever-evolving financial landscape. I am grateful for the support of my three children, their families and friends, a small group of my friends, and members of the TTNAWH Foundation. Despite the challenges I faced, I dedicated more time and effort to earn several industry awards, which granted me the opportunity to travel to countries inclusive of Germany, England, Jamaica, and Barbados, with all expenses covered by the company. I consider myself truly blessed to be a part of this organization. I now share my first book in the series, “Narcissism Has No Face,” with you, hoping that its contents serve as a tool to assist you in understanding the dynamics of narcissism. The objective is that you would gain a better understanding of how this complex and multifaceted personality disorder affects our lives daily.