Souls From Mercury

Chakra Magic, Empowering Relationships

by Raju Ramanathan

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Language : English
Publication Date : 12/1/2022

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 142
ISBN : 9798765236192
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 142
ISBN : 9798765236208

About the Book

After reading the book, one will be able to achieve unity of mundane and spiritual worlds, understand Chakras and their connection with ancient and modern thinking, Fathom the inner vastness of your Being and learn the pathway to enlightenment.

About the Author

Mr. Raju Ramanathan, also known as Datta Yogi Raja, is a scientist of both the inner and the outer worlds. He is sought after by major corporations to be their pioneer and champion for continuous improvements, and sought after by individuals in great positions of authority to be their life coach. At the age of thirteen, Mr. Datta Yogi Raja started teaching meditation to his school teachers and priest in his native village in India, near Kanya Kumari. While in college, he began teaching mediation, under the guidance of Swami Chinmayananda and Sivananda, to his fellow students in engineering and in other temples and spiritual communities. After completing his doctoral work in Space Sciences, Raju came to work for the major space contractor for NASA, Rockwell and Honeywell, and continued sharing his passion for meditation to those in the corporate world. Honeywell noted Raju as their “teacher, mentor, and guru with cherished friendships across many of their companies.” For more than twenty years, Mr. Yogi Raja has been empowering seekers in Europe, Asia, USA, and Canada. His unique approach brings life transforming spiritual message to people of all religious paths and cultural backgrounds. Mr. Yogi Raja re-introduces the lessons of ancient masters to the Western modern community. All those who are concerned about the well being of today’s world will find Mr. Yogi Raja’s teachings enlightening and inspirational. Each seminar or a retreat with this highly educated and very articulate Master is a truly unique experience. Whether it is your first, or one hundred and first encounter with Mr. Yogi Raja, whether you are just a beginner, or an experienced yoga practitioner, each time you will find a new insight to meditation, and your understanding of Yoga will deepen. Mr. Ganapathi Sachidananda Swamijiof Mysore Datta Peetham gave initiation to Raju Ramanathan in the year 2002 during the Datta Jayanti in Mysore and renamed him as Datta Yogi Raja. Mr. Datta Yogi Raja recently visited India twice to study the operation of a 90-bed hospital using music therapy established in Mysore, India by Mr. Swami mentioned above. Mr. Datta Yogi Raja has given several radio and TV programs in Canada on these subjects. Mr. Datta Yogi Raja hails from the family of famous South Indian poet Subramania Bharathi, a great friend of Mr. Aurobindo. Mr. Datta Yogi Raja has learned to uniquely synthesize science and religion and unite the extrovert and the introvert. Mr. Datta Yogi Raja has spent the last thirty years teaching and coaching professionals in the art and science of relaxation using new ways of breathing and meditating with music in the advanced retreats that he conducts. Many participants have reported the healing effects of this approach. The unique approach of Mr. Datta Yogi Raja has been his lucid style of explanation that appeals to the modern scientific community. Many psychiatrists and doctors have learned advanced relaxation techniques. Recent lectures include the ones delivered to 100 doctors of the Indian Medical Association in Chicago, 100 doctors of Southern Illinois School of Medicine in Springfield, IL, and the Psychology Department of University of Chicago to name a few. He has also given talks to hundreds of doctors to create awareness of cures for chronic diseases, like cancer. Mr. Datta Yogi Raja is also a certified yoga teacher from Yoga Bliss Institute, and trained by Dr. Madan Bali, who is recognized for his contributions to complementary medicine. Further Contribution to the Business World: • Mr. Datta Yogi Raja was the first one to come up with an ECG Amplifier designed for the Indian Market. • Mr. Datta Yogi Raja was part of the Canadian team that introduced the first X-ray machine that today uses a hundredth of radiation dosage used twenty-five years ago. • Mr. Datta Yogi Raja has assisted in the early development of the first ISO 9001 series of quality standards and still works with the US advisory group. • Mr. Datta Yogi Raja was part of the Montreal Protocol that eliminated the production of Halon gas for fire protection, which damages the ozone layer. • Mr. Datta Yogi Raja served in the fire protection industry since 1989, and retired in 2014 in order to teach yoga and meditation on a full time basis to students of all ages. To find out more about Mr. Datta Yogi Raja, please visit his website: