Niggers Sing Redemption Songs: Reggae, The heart-beat of a people

by VK Ogilvie

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Language : English
Publication Date : 9/18/2022

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 278
ISBN : 9781982284046
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 278
ISBN : 9781982284053

About the Book

“Of all the various acts of inequity throughout time, none was more severe than the submission forced upon the indigenous peoples of the earth by their earthly demi-god counterparts. Robbing these peoples of their God given cultural and traditional knowledge of survival, void of cultural references and alienated from their traditional survival techniques and skills, the indigenous peoples had no other choice than to accept the ways of the earthly demi-gods, which was modernity and that came with many social disadvantages, worst of all, they would become second and third class citizens in a racially divided and dystopic world. The standard procedure was the implementation of acts that were intended to impart the greatest degree of fear, the fear of death and the fear of dying; whatever methods the noble savages thought would break the barbarian savages into submission. All manner of unthinkable acts of atrocity were employed against the indigenous peoples, because the objectives of the earthly demi-gods had to be met, which was to expropriate the lands and natural resources from these savages, these ‘uncivilized’ people.” The work of Niggers Sing Redemption Songs: Reggae, The heart-beat of a people takes aim at reaffirming the psyche and glory of the Black self as of utter importance in our efforts to make our world a better place. The unconscionable disregard for the glory of the Black self and by refusing to use it, has successfully stripped away Black humanity from the Black indigenous peoples’ collective consciousness; overall leading to a ‘niggerization’ process done for the benefits of the barbaric and ignobly self-acclaimed earthly demi-gods. The Black peoples of the world must bring back the ‘Black’ love of self and all things Black, that is your redemption and then, real life will be given to you. Additionally, what was most evidently conspicuous and surprising was a revelation that had emerged from the research of this study. The study has discovered evidences, which would indicate that because of social biases, for example, racial prejudices, and out-right arrogance, coupled with miss-education and deprecated mindsets, the attitudes of many Jamaican historians, the down trodden sectors of the Jamaican society were undermined and were not given meaningful historical documentations. The academics did not document, accurately, the accounts of Afro-Jamaican culture, for instance, the Rastafarians input into the cultural history of Jamaica. Although many academics of the time were themselves Afro- Jamaican, non-sympathizers to the Rasta movement, and, in most cases, just a generation or two removed from slavery, they were non-commiserated towards their people’s history and struggles. So much so, that they did not consider the documentation of their Afro-Jamaican culture as a priority, and as such, a deficit in proper documentation of historical material exists today. This becomes quite evident in the footnotes, where due to the lack of material, there is a redundancy in reference materials Therefore, in order to add further depth to the stock of the genre of Black Liberation Literature, this work advances a redemptive process which is aimed, primarily, at every individual that has been niggerized by White supremacy and their racist systems. Therein, that each nigger would cultivate an awareness that would be congruent with his/her Black redemption, as is outlined in this literary work. Thus, that he/her would be empowered sufficiently, to rise above the White supremacist world that had ungratefully grafted him/ her and had restrained him/her to oppressive states of meaningless existences. Black people must rise above their common bound, the social degradation of niggerization, a social construct of the White racist demi-gods and to accept the fundamental merits and opportunities that a Black redemption would have provided, which is, the reconstructed Black self, with all its social advantages, because White America will not change and they will not change for the sake of niggers or will they accept niggers as Whites. Sorry, but no skin bleaching formula will change Blacks into White. The Black experience is not the undoing of the White racist demi-gods; instead, it is the doings of the reconstructed niggers towards the redemption, freedom, of Black individuals.

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